Hard shoulder song?
Yes, I know that Mondays shoulder song was very tough so I have modified it for tomorrows class. It's not too easy - but it is not as tough as it was. I think.

I'm trying to think of tomorrows mystery word...lets see...hmmm. Writers block....still thinking. Ok - I've got it. LADYBUGS! I'm sick of them. I know they are cute and all but our house has been invaded by them! So - say LADYBUG in class and you will receive 1000.00 cash!!!! (April fool! Sorry - no money but you will get the usual delicous chocolate bar!)

C ya tomorrow!
Launch It Already!
Every quarter we get a new batch of music. Some releases are good, some take getting used to. Personally, I think BodyPump 53 rocks, and I'm ready to get it launched. This is a great release - both in terms of music and physical challenge. In fact everything from about release 50 onwards has been progressively more challenging in some way. BodyPump is definitely heading in the right direction with their workout. So in the meantime we're turning up the heat on our playlists to get everyone ready - this week's tracks come almost exclusively from our legendary "Wicked Wednesday" vault. And yes, there's more where that came from!
Mystery word
The word is "quesadilla". If you want one of those delicious dark chocolate bars - say the word in class and it will be yours!! Let us know if there are any requests for next weeks classes. We aim to please!
We Will Rock You
Take your vitamins, this week's lineup is not for the faint at heart. We're prepping for the upcoming BodyPump 53 release, and if you've been following the program for awhile you're no doubt aware that they've definitely been turning up the heat. So we're getting you ready now! This week's lineup includes requested songs Phantom of the Opera (chest - BodyPump 52) and Tu Es Fontu (triceps - BodyPump 47), along with We Will Rock You (biceps - BodyPump 39), Crack It (shoulders - BodyPump 50), and Bolingo (abs - BodyPump 48). Looking to shake off the wintertime cabin fever? Join us in class and get moving!
Of Course We Take Requests!
We had a few folks ask during today's class if we took requests. You bet! It's always more fun during BodyPump class than to hear the music you requested... Requested for next week so far we have Phantom of the Opera (BodyPump 52 - chest) and Tu Es Fontu (BodyPump 47, aka. "The Frenchy Song" - triceps). Anyone else? Tami and I usually put our iTunes playlists together on Sunday afternoon, then I burn a CD that evening - so let us know this weekend what you want to hear!
Mystery word
I know. I'm late getting this week's word out. Well, here it is: Kemosabe. You must use it in a sentence! Need a hint? Hmmm. How about "hi ho silver"? By the way, great class on Monday and good job guessing the theme. Already have next weeks in mind - just need to come up with the songs! c-ya Friday!
Yep, It's International
Have you ever wondered if this BodyPump thing is just a class that the club invented? Maybe it's a little something that a few clubs here and there came up with, eh? No, and not by a long shot. It's not just something we do here in the States, either. Here, take a quick look at the map - over 9,000 clubs worldwide run this program. That means something to me, because I want to make sure I invest my time in a fitness program that gets results based on research. And I like the idea that this is a worldwide program. In fact, we've had several class visitors affirm that they have indeed taken BodyPump classes in their home countries, and both the music and routines are identical to what we do right here in little ol' Blacksburg, Virginia!
Lunges + Form => Results
Like we always say in class, lunges are one of the more difficult exercise motions to perfect. But nailing this movement is not only critical from a safety standpoint, it's a necessity if you want to make the most of your time in class. Do it right and you'll reap the benefits: better posture, balance, and strength, not to mention a great set of legs! Do it wrong, however, and you risk a knee injury, back aches, and totally wasting your time.

What is the right technique? Tami and I demonstrate that during the warm-up, and go into greater detail just before the lunge track. Foot placement is critical, because that determines where you'll end up on the downstroke. What we're looking for are right angles in both legs, and for your torso to go straight down and up - not forward or back. Check out this short article for more great tips on how to perfect the motion, then join us in class!
Friday's Secret Word
And the secret word is.......ECLECTIC. And you must use it in a sentence!!! The word was Craig's idea. I would have picked something chocolate, or ice cream. Anyway, say the secret word to us during Friday's class and receive some delicious, nutritious dark chocolate from Eats!
See ya Friday!

The Arnold Press
Our shoulder songs for the last three weeks have featured the Arnold Press which, when done correctly, isolates and effectively works the entire deltoid muscle as well as the triceps. This week's shoulder track is We Will Survive, a pounding bit of techno from the Warp Bros. We start off with some push-up sets, transition to the Arnold Press, then the usual round of side raises and overhead presses. And just when you think you're done, it's back to the floor for 2/2 push-ups and a set of 16 singles. Awesome!
New Site Layout & Features
I did a bit of re-work on the site layout this evening, hope everyone likes it! I guess we look a bit different when we're not not in our usual workout gear...

Next on the website enhancement list is our playlist. We have a pretty extensive set of songs that go back to BodyPump release #37, so that should be up this week. Plus - as Tami promised - the secret "website codeword" so that you can score some dark chocolate!
Do it!
Well, I hope everyone enjoyed the shoulder song today. It was tough but good! I think the whole thing was a tad on the tough side. Not too tough though...! We really appreciate everyone's support in our classes! I think we have the best BP class members in NewTown! Well - I'm tired and Craigy is waiting for his pizza. c ya Monday! Tami
Tough Chest Track
Craig Writes: Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm has got to be one of the toughest chest songs in the BodyPump arsenal. It's four rounds of work, starting with a super-slow build that gradually works its way up to a pair of single sets. The first two rounds aren't bad, and you get a short break between each. But it's those last two rounds that are the killers - first, they shorten the build, and then extend the single sets. You know it's bad when the class (instructors included!) issues a collective "ughh!" as they finish the final rep, and then just lays there waiting for the world to stop spinning. Friday 11:45am we do it all over again...
He's trying to impress me again with these big words.

Yes, kudo's to all those who don't let a little snow keep them away from their workouts! I'm proud of you! Did you get the new schedule of classes at New Town? I'll be teaching Body Flow Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:30. Not sure how the Friday one will work out...getting all relaxed then teaching Pump? I'll do my best!!

Thanks to Craigy Poo for getting this bolg thing together. Pretty cool. : )

See ya Friday! Tami
Even when it snows? You bet!
Craig writes: We had several people say they were surprised that we still had class in spite of all the snow Sunday night and Monday. Well, we look at it this way - we've got to get our workout in too, so why not come on in and get it done! Besides, driving through the snow gives me an opportunity to prove my manhood to Tami. So unless the town is buried in two feet of snow (or more) you can pretty much bet we'll be there.

We did have quite a few in class though, and I noticed several folks that I think may usually go to the evening classes. So it was a good showing, and we had a lot of fun with it.