Justin Timberlake Body Pump Tracks: A Top 5 List
We mentioned during our Body Pump 62 review that we're not big JT fans. Here's the top five reasons why My Lover will join Sexyback in the deep, dark recesses of our library after the 62 launch:
Number 5: Timberlake's bubblegum teenybopper fanbase has little in common with our class participants

Number 4: Backbeat sounds too much like a continuous drum machine loop with canned instrumental runs

Number 3: Overhyped, overproduced sound contradicts everything the Pump program means to loyal participants

Number 2: Girlie-man falsetto vocals make it hard to hold a straight face in front of the class

And the Number 1 reason: Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction fiasco reminds us too much of our own.
Have we struck a chord, or are we completely off-tune? Click the Comments link below and have your say!
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On 11 July, 2007, Blogger Tim said...

I loved that tune. But then again, I am a girly-man, although pump is for girly-men right? Otherwise we'd be shifting big iron in the real world.

On 12 July, 2007, Anonymous Marjorie said...

My class LOVES JT. Well, the vocal ones love him - maybe the rest of the class dislikes him and does not say anything? Small doses of JT are fine by me, just when the local radio station plays a JT song every hour he gets tiresome!


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