Road Trip
The time has come once again for Craig and I to plan our summer vacation. Instead of backpacking this year out west, I said I wanted to go to Maine, NH, and Vermont. Places we have never been to and places where there are more trees than dust. I guess I should probably give Craig all the credit for planning because when we sat down to do it this past Sunday, I was more or less just an annoyance to him. (I hate maps) So, he was diligently trying to come out with a route to fill up 14 days, taking us up through Pennsylvania, NY, and then on into Canada - I think Montreal & Quebec, more places I have never been, and then into NH, Vermont and Maine. I thought I was being helpful in suggesting that he pick out cities that had Body Pump so we don't have to come back to teach after 2 weeks and start back at the beginner level. He got this real funny look in his eye as he glared at me and started vibrating. So I said never mind. So - here is my plan. If you live near the above mentioned route, (I can give hwy#'s later), let us know and we will drop in for a workout in your class! I promise to make Craig behave so he won't cause any problems...of course I can only do so much! I think we are leaving June 21 and we will be driving the "Lvshak" (actual liscense plate - cheesy, I know...), our little home on wheels so make sure we have room to park her - she has a big rear end!

We look forward to seeing some of you!


PS: Hi honey! Isn't this a great idea? : )
The Wardrobe Malfunction (w/pics)
Tami handed me the mic after completing her squat track. Whilst bending my head downward to don the headset it became apparent that once again I was smack dab in the middle of an instructor's worst nightmare. Yes, lo and behold my fly was wide open - the operative word being wide. Quickly, I reached for the zipper. Nothing doing - it was already up. Apparently my three-year-old workout pants had reached the end of their useful life. Time for a new pair.

Now, I don't know about you, but I've had this dream before. You know the one - you're on the bus going to school, or at work, or something like that. And suddenly you look down and realize you're either not wearing your drawers or your fly is wide open. But eventually you wake up and breathe a sigh of relief: "Thank goodness that was only a dream!" For some reason though this seemed awfully real. Stunned, I looked up.

I'd already started to talk about the next routine, but having stopped mid-sentence I'd managed to pretty much get everyone's attention at that point. My hand dropped to my side as I recalled one of Tami's most memorable quotes: Time to face the music.

"Oh my gosh, my fly's open!" I deadpanned. The class erupted in laughter. "Why don't you just zip it back up?" Tami asked. "I can't. It's broken" I whispered back, realizing only too late the mic I'd just put on amplified my words for all to hear. "I knew this would come in handy sometime" Tami said, as she wrapped her sweater around my waist and tied the sleeves behind my back. "Just don't get it dirty" A round of applause from the class sealed my fate - so, I grabbed my bar and kicked off our next routine.

I don't suppose this would be what the BodyPump Instructor's Manual means by "Make ever class a WOW experience!"