Our Club Has Decided... stay with Les Mills. For now, at least. For (nearly) three weeks the owners have leaned heavily toward BTS. Our Group Fitness Manager was able to get permission to travel to Atlanta this past weekend in order to review the programs. Her evaluation of those classes matched pretty closely with what we posted below, except that she wasn't as impressed with the step and other programs as some of the other reviews we've read. It's our understanding that a number of factors were involved in the owners' final decision - but at the end of the day, they did what they felt was right. We feel that they made a prudent choice to wait for awhile.

We also feel fortunate that our club had a choice - many clubs in Canada, for example, are being forced to change one way or the other. While the BTS programs certainly show promise, we feel that it's best for us (instructors and participants, that is) to allow them the opportunity to establish a solid foundation of both music releases and history. As far as we know, every instructor at our club felt this way - as did the club members who were aware of the controversy.

As a side note, I've noticed some of the comments from instructors - both here and in other forums - have shifted in recent days to more anger than frustration. Club owners, please make sure you listen to your instructors and participants!
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On 21 May, 2005, Blogger pipera said...

You can not expect to change over to a program based on one release or two. The gyms also have invested tons of money in promoting Les Mills at their classes. It is encouraging to learn that BTS - LMUSA have allowed instructors to teach both programs.

Maybe of the gym goes with BTS or Les Mills maybe there is a market intro for some entrepreneur to franchise outside of the gym and teach a class they may not be teaching at their facility. Get a consortium of alied instructors and develop a business that you can market the program that you want to teach.

You do necessarily have to be a gym to do this. You can get your own license and through your own business teach the program that your gym is not running.

Just a though?

Now thats a good thing.

On 21 May, 2005, Anonymous Erik H. said...


Where did you hear that BTS-LMI have agreed to allow instructors to teach both? Can you post a link?

On 23 May, 2005, Blogger Steve McMahon said...

Not only should they allow us to teach whatever we wish, they should allow the clubs to pick and choose individual programs. We would like to stick to BodyPump and change over to the BTS kick box. They are so busy trying to outlast each other. They don't give a darn about the students or instructors!

On 24 May, 2005, Blogger pipera said...

I read that they are modifying instructor agreements to adjust for individual instructors circumstances. I also heard that the PTB at BTS said that you can teach any program you like.

I have to find the document when I locate it I will put it on my server and pinpoint a URL here.


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