Notice The Longer Lunge Tracks?
Fellow blogger, instructor, and long distance friend Mr. Timothy dropped us a line this morning with a couple of rather interesting observations. He points out that over the last 10 or so releases (since Glen Ostergaard took over as lead choreographer) there's been a definite uptick in the lunge track length. To be sure, 9 of the 10 longest lunge tracks are Ostergaard-choreographed routines. Since Pump soundtracks need to fit within a ±49 minute time window, something has to give - and it looks like the bicep track has been the primary donor. Which isn't all bad, really... the longer lunge tracks work a much larger group of muscles, burning more calories and building core strength.
Bottom line: Now may be the time to amp up your bicep workout with an extra plate on both sides of the bar. And take an extra deep breath between tracks 6 & 7!

Notice any other trends in the Pump workout over the last couple years? Tell us about it!
Random class pics
Well a couple weeks ago we finally got around to launching release #68. Ours is the Wednesday 4:10pm class, an awesome timeslot for everyone who just wants to knock off work a bit early and take a midweek break for an hour. It's our favorite class to teach.
I'm a full-time software developer who's always running five minutes late, so finding the time to pick up choreography can be a challenge sometimes. It's definitely not unusual for me to resort to "cramming" just before class - Tami, on the other hand, is never late and learns her music days ahead of time. Good thing for me that opposites attract!
Our class tells us they enjoy the banter that goes on between Tami and I during the workout. Well there's nothing scripted or made up for that - it's just a continuation of what goes on between us pretty much most of the time. It just so happens for an hour that day everyone gets to overhear it. I'm behaving badly in this pic to the right, with Tami on the verge of thumping my head lest I forget who really wears the pants in our family.
Somehow, in spite of ourselves, we usually manage to run a pretty tight class. Form - not weight - is our hot topic, and we've found that most everybody really wants to execute the routines properly. Last week we ran another of our Form Friday classes - the cool thing this last time around was that we were mostly helping people make "fine tuning" adjustments (all the typical "big stuff" seemed to be in pretty good shape!) Which brings me to the closing thought for this post - maybe it's time to resurrect our Wicked Wednesday mix for this afternoon's class...