Body Pump 67 Sneak Peek
The latest buzz floating around about Body Pump 67 (due out to instructors this September) reveals a very listenable tracklist. Notable artists: Finger Eleven, P!nk, and Aerosmith, not to mention a teamup between Bon Jovi and Big & Rich on the Biceps track (remember Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy). E-Type returns for (you guessed it) Back and Hamstrings, and the Abs track features a tantalizing plank crunch maneuver. Want more details? Check out fellow blogger Patrick's Body Pump 67 sizzler post (which includes YouTube links), or the this underground tracklist...
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On 16 August, 2008, Anonymous Patrick - Body4me said...

Hi Guys.

I've just come back from the quarterly workshop for BodyPump 67. What a release! One of the highlights of the 60's!
I've got a preview/review of it up here.
Let me know what you think of the release when you get it.

Have an awesome workout,

On 18 August, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, in comparison to 66 it's an average release. Yet another love fluffy warmup, not a fan of squat music choice and there's just too many bottom halves in a row, chest ok, back has a boring - predictable choreo, triceps ok, though not as tough as tracks with dips, biceps ok, lunges the same as 66, just reversed sequence, shoulders have Mac raises instead of Arnolds, otherwise pretty much the same as 66, and more planks in abs just sucks.

On 13 January, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Tami and Craig,
I am a member at The Weightclub in Blacksburg and have taken your class a few times. I’ve always wondered why you all don’t teach the actual new release of BodyPump. They have released 68 and I’m sure will be releasing 69 soon so do you plan on picking up with those or are you going to continue doing your version of “BodyPump” with a mixture of random BodyPump songs?

On 13 January, 2009, Blogger Tami and Craig Warman said...

Well, we have already released BP 68. We generally do a new release for two weeks, then change it up again. By then, the members have about had enough of it. We do incorporate the songs again into our regular playlists on occasion, depending on how well it was liked. I must say your comment seems a bit offensive to me! Our own 'version'? We only use Body Pump songs from previous releases and if you go to any other club - the instructors will do the same. It would get pretty boring doing the same routine for 3 months!


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