BP66 Sizzler
You can get a teaser of Body Pump 66 in the latest Revolution magazine (page 11). Here's the link
Does New Release Distribution Work?
Just a few days ago we received 65. It turned out that we were the first instructors to receive our music at our club, so Tami put the word out that we're getting to work on our review. Her post had hardly hit our blog when we got several messages back that 65 was old news - not only had other instructors long ago received their music, they'd already launched the release!

To be sure, rollout of a new release must be a huge job - According to LMI these programs now run in more than 10,000 clubs worldwide. Even if you had only one instructor per club that'd be a big undertaking, but of course there's quite a few more than that.

Which begs the question - does this distribution model really make sense anymore? Really, in this age of iTunes and movies over the internet, can we not make use of technology to help get the job done? Obviously having downloadable releases won't work for everyone, but consider this - for those instructors who do have access to a fast connection and know how to download music to an iPod, this might actually work just fine.

Let's suppose that's one instructor per club - 10,000. And just for the sake of round numbers, let's suppose the cost of putting together the physical materials for each release (CD, DVD, plastic case, book, etc.) is US $15, and the cost for packaging all that up and getting it to an instructor's mailbox is another $5 - so (round numbers again) we're at $20. If my numbers are even remotely close, that puts $200,000 per release back on the table if even one instructor at every club would download their release rather than take physical shipment.

Again, the population of instructors that could benefit from electronic release distribution is probably limited. But maybe - just maybe - it's large enough to make it a viable option. Especially if it means we here in little ol' Blacksburg, Virginia aren't the last ones on the planet to get music anymore!
65 is here!!!!
Always an exciting day in our home is when we receive the new release - and for us it was Saturday. And, although I was the first to the mail box, I allowed Craig to choose the first song and for him it was the ab song. When I was reading off the artists to him, and mentioned Kanye West, he knew right away who it was. I however did not. I do know Manfred Mann's Earth Band, and I recall DJ Alligator from a previous release, but I'm pretty much out of sorts when it comes to all the new stuff. Not that I don't like - thats not what I'm saying - I'm just an ol' rocker at heart. I really like the bicep track - great song! Of course we have only listened to it once so far so too soon to tell how we feel about the whole thing. Craig will be working on the review and have it out shortly. Keep checking back...

Our club only just launched BP 64 several weeks ago. We wanted it to be at the same time that they launched Body Step, a brand new program for the club. (Which by the way is doing fabulous!) We are hoping to launch 65 a tad sooner!

I know the quarterly for our area was going on today - I wished we could have been there but things just did not work out this time. If anyone out there went, let us know how it was!

Lately our classes have been jam packed. Whats strange is that it did not start after New Years but more around Feb. 1. Wednesday and Sunday we are usually turning people away - on Friday, well, it is still a bit slow - around 13 or so. I love the packed classes! I can remember when I first started teaching and almost wishing no one would show up to class! Now, I'm somewhat disappointed if we don't fill the room. It's so much more fun!

By the way, for anyone who lives in Gwinnett County, Georgia, there is a great new magazine/website out on fun things to do in and around the area. It is called The Fun Finder. Go to and check it out. Also, the forum is cool too. See if you can figure out which post is mine...!

Craig and I will be traveling in our beloved "Love Shack" down the Atlanta Highways this weekend. It is time to see my boys and also we are bringing my mother home with us to live for a while. That should be interesting. Maybe I can get her to Body Pump?

Take care!!!!