and I will walk 500 mile....
Does anybody remember that song – I believe it was called “I’m Gonna Be 500 Miles” by the Proclaimers? It was a catchy little tune.

Well, with that in mind, as we were driving back home from Atlanta on New Years Day I was trying to come up with a New Years resolution. I did not want the usual ones, like “I will lose weight”, or I will be a better wife”. I wanted something unique – something that would really be a goal that I could actually stick with. One that would be challenging and keep me motivated so that 2 months later I would not be wondering what my resolution was. And then it hit me! My cardio workouts have been slacking and I needed a jumpstart to get me going. So, I made it my goal to walk 500 miles by December 31, 2008! Of course, like any good goal, there must be parameters. Here are mine: I need to average 1.4 miles per day on the treadmill. If I do cycling, step, or any other cardio, I will count 1 mile for every 20 minutes of aerobic activity. And then what makes you even more motivated to attain a goal? Competition! I mentioned this in Pump the other day and one of our most dedicated exercisers wants to do it with me – especially when she found out what the reward is for reaching the goal – a trip to the Day Spa! You know, facial, massage, manicure, pedicure…the works! Of course I had to promise Craig that I would save my money to pay for my spa which means I will have to cut back on my shoe purchases.

All in all, walking is great exercise – we should all to more walking. I have been wearing a pedometer since 1/2/08 and another goal is getting at least 10,000 steps per day – so far I have only fallen behind once, and that was when I was not feeling well.

Oh yeah – how am I doing on my walking endeavor? I’m ahead of schedule. According to my walking chart that Craig so wonderfully put together for me, I should have 19.60 miles in – but I have 27.17!

Has anyone else set some goals? I’d love to hear from you!

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On 14 January, 2008, Blogger David said...

Here is the song I think you are talking about:

On 14 January, 2008, Blogger Tami and Craig Warman said...

Yep - thats it! "Bennie and Joon", the movie that is was in was pretty good also!


On 17 January, 2008, Anonymous Niki said...

Hi Tami and Craig-

It's been awhile since I chimed in here. Good to see you all are back and hitting the "keys" again with lots to say.

I like your new goals. Sounds like you are well on your way and might even hit the goal sooner than later!

I'm not big on resolutions for a new year, but more just with a regular daily, weekly, monthly type goal. I have decided to quit talking about/dreaming about becoming certified as a personal trainer and am actually going to DO IT. Not so much to train people (although I am sure I will, just not as a generic trainer in a gym), but more because there are several things I'd like to be involved with that require certification first. Now that I've said it out loud, perhaps you can hold me to it!

I am wondering if you have changed any of your thoughts about the new release (64) now that it's been out it any better, or still feel the same? I lauched with one gym on Dec 15th, and the other gym Jan's gotten good reviews overall, and most think it's pretty tough.

Well, hope all else is well with you two. I hope to be in touch more regularly! Happy New Year!
Good luck in your quest for 500 miles!



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