Will Your New Year's Resolution Stick?
Say, ever wanted the club to yourself during your workout? Sick of waiting on machines? Tired of setting up in the back row of full classes? Well, this is the week you've been waiting for... Pick a club, just about any club right now, and chances are you'll find the tranquility you so desperately seek.

But not for long... Here in the States, at least, January is by far the biggest sales month for fitness clubs. Yep, come January 2nd (gosh, maybe even January 1st) practically every club from sea to shining sea will be packed with New Year's Resolutioners - those fine folks who promise themselves that this year it'll all be different. Yes, for two, maybe even three whole weeks they'll plug away. But then the reality of life sets in, and by February it's back to the same ol', same ol' - oh, there'll be a few new faces, but mostly the same ones as before.

Will you be different? We hope so. If you're a newbie, remember this: Anything you do regularly for a month becomes part of your life. Healthy living - and that includes exercise - is for everyone. We know, because we both struggled with obesity for years. It's the fear of our past that motivates our butts right back into that gym week after week. So take heart... if a couple of previously-overweight geeks like us can get it done, surely you can!
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