Classic Rewind: The Frenchie Song
It's no secret to our classes that triceps are Craig's favorite track. Worked correctly, triceps develop quickly and add arm definition that looks great on men and ladies alike. So while most tracks are designed to give you practical strength for everyday life, the results you get with triceps can actually be more of more emotional benefit. Especially when someone says "Hey, you look like you've been working out lately."

It was almost exactly four years ago when release 47 hit the streets. For those involved with Pump back then, the 40's series was especially exciting - the program had clearly evolved as a worldwide group fitness regime, and a loyal following numbering in the millions begun to take hold. Maybe it's our nostalgia for those those times, or just the fact that we've played those tracks so doggone much that we always manage to throw a few into our weekly mix. Last week it was 47's Tu Es Fontu, better known to our class as "The Frenchie Song" (no disrespect intended to our French counterparts, we might add).

Prior to release 47, track #5 was a fairly predictable set of presses, extensions, kickbacks, and maybe a few tricep pushups thrown in for good measure. When "Tu Es Fontu" hit the floor, however, we saw presses as a relief for maybe the first time ever - for those who might remember, head choreographer Mike McSweeney said it best: "Enjoy them now, because there aren't that many."

He was right. After an all-too-short set of singles, there's an eternity of thirty eight extensions and an active recovery (presses) before the kickbacks begin. If you ever wondered where your triceps are, you'll know after this routine. It gets the job done, and that's why it was a consistent pick for our Wicked Wednesday series.

Tu m'a promis. You promised me. And we promise you results when you throw this track in the mix.
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On 15 December, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed this Frenchie song is one of the best and really targets triceps muscles. This week our instructor switched CDs by mistake and ended with the mix which included Tu Es Fontu. Boy did we all know where our triceps were at the end of it, and especially the day after.

Another such toughie is 51's Let the Sun Shine. ;-)

On 15 December, 2007, Anonymous Marjorie in Atlanta GA said...

It's funny that this song has come up - my class requested "that French song" a few weeks back, and I then switched to "Let The Sun Shine"! 3 rounds of extensions - yeah! We're doing the "Queer Eye" song from 52 now....


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