Body Pump 64 Review
Coming hot on the heels of a release that earned not just one, not even two - in fact, three coveted spots on our all-time favorites playlist, Pump 64's got some huge shoes to fill.  Does it come off like a kick in the pants, or a soft pat on the bottom?  Let's find out:
Warm Up - At first we got excited - maybe this time, just maybe it wouldn't be another love song. Nothing doing. Yeah it's got a little beat, but you could trade this track with any of the last twenty-some-odd others - they all sound pretty much the same. Excepting Pump 54's Rise by Safri Duo, you have to rewind clear back to the 30's to get some solid variety.

Squats - Instructors, you better bring your A-game to this one - Wait for the music to clue your transitions and you're sunk... you gotta count this one out. Two short breaks punctuate a looong 5:43 workout that ensures the class gets their money's worth. Caution: Anytime you mess with a classic rock anthem like More Than A Feeling, people either love it or hate it. No need to solicit opinions after the music fades away - just stretch and move on...

Chest - Is it Blondie? Believe it or not, it's Freestylers - the same guys from 63's Fast Life in-your-face shoulder track. Talk about variety. And don't be fooled by the mid-track music fadeout - That's just your cue to start working from the bottom in a routine that's got more transitions than an Orson Welles thriller.

Back & Hamstrings - Here's a little tweak of the classic formula: fewer, but longer, clean & press sequences - two sets of six, to be exact. At 5:33 it's also one of the longer back tracks (which leaves plenty of time for dead rows and dead lifts plus a couple of breaks to boot).

Triceps - Anytime INXS shows up on a track there's cause for concern - especially when it's a tricep track that starts off with four sets of dips off the bench. With rounds of overhead extensions, bar extensions, and tricep presses there's something for everyone here. Just make sure you keep those elbows locked in!

Biceps - It's all good, with a solid beat and a workout you can sink your teeth into. Which leaves us with just one unanswered question -- how long till the "funky white girl" breakout shows up on YouTube?

Lunges - After three painful lunge track releases, it's sorta nice to to take a breather. But don't get comfortable: two rounds of forward/backward-stepping lunges take up the slack on a lunge workout that gets the job done even without the bench.

Shoulders - Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and YSL - it's like a fashion brand names education and shoulder workout all rolled into one! Lyrics aside, you could swap this track with BP 63 and we bet hardly anyone would notice. Thankfully the choreo's all different, else the class might think we're playing shenanigans with the music...

Abs - Ah yes, there's one in every release: the track that has us fighting like two thirteen-year-olds over a Hannah Montana ticket. This time it's a little blast from the past from one hit wonder Ini Kamoze, and it was Tami that got to the mailbox first this time (so she gets dibs). Small consolation: She's gotta stop dancing long enough to learn the choreo.

Cool Down Stretch - Note to instructors - If your class is running late, this is the cooldown you wanna have handy: At only 4:08, it's the shortest in the arsenal (narrowly snatching that honor from 63's All-American Rejects tune). Sadly, the abbreviated timeline leaves no room for much in the way of arm stretches, so use it sparingly.
Well you've made it this far, so we won't waste another moment of your time - yep, it's our famous bottom line:
Music - One thing we harp on more than any other is musical variety, and 64 definitely brings the goods. Little bit techno, little bit rap, some rock, and a bit of 80's throwback - what's not to like? (yeah, we know - the Boston remake) But still, it's got enough variety to make up for its minor shortcomings, and that deserves at least an A-. Postnote: Pity we never wrote a review on 63's music, that would've earned a rock solid A.

Workout Routine - Anytime you see the words "old school" or "back to basics" mentioned in the first sentence of a release's Sizzler, that's a codephrase for "nothing new" - and that's exactly what we have here. Hey, don't get the wrong idea - it's a solid workout, and there's some twisty choreo to learn, but this is all stuff we've seen before. And that's why we've got to give it a C.

Instructor Video - Evidently LMI intends for instructors to do more than learn the choreo - Instead of going straight to the masterclass, the video launches with a Susan Tolj / Glen Ostargaard intro that urges viewers to interact with the DVD. An extended intro precedes the warmup track, and a TIPS hyperlink icon appears periodically throughout the class. The tips are perfectly placed - unfortunately they're about 10-20 seconds too long, but that's a minor nit. A fresh new LMI logo adorns the packaging and appears throughout the video. Three masterclass instructors make the stage look a bit bare, however. So we'll keep tag this one with a B, especially since we're just a little nostalgic for the "glitz" and nifty camerawork from recent past videos.
So there you have it, our long-awaited return to BodyPump release reviews. Did our comments have you nodding your head in agreement, or make you see red? Well click the comments link below and have the last word!
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On 06 December, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice review, as always! I think you're a little tough grading the workout routine lately. You've also forgot to mention that during the break in the biceps track you can up your weights for the final blast. Or... you can dance like "the white girls". ;-)

On 06 December, 2007, Blogger Tami and Craig Warman said...

Well, to be fair to LMI, there's only so many variations to be had with a bench, a bar, and a stack of plates. But if we gave every workout an "A" or a "B" then there'd be no room at the top when the choreographers do come out with innovative moves. Besides, it's good to give them a friendly tweak every now and again. Thank you for the comment and for keeping up with our blog!

On 07 December, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're back! Great to hear from you. I was a little disappointed when I heard the music especially after the last release. Hopefully, it will grow on me. I thought the workout was good though. Why do they mess with such rock classics (track 2); it is always such a disappointment.

On 09 December, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi.. i'm new in here.. i just know about this website..
Anyway i'm from Malaysia, my club had just launched it 2day.. and a lot of the members didn't like the release...
As for me... i think that the tricep song just make me wanna off my ipod.. i can't get into it.. i hate it so much.. i workout which has such a power move which is the dips../ well i think they need 2 have more powerful song or more energetic song. well i think california was good for it.
in my opinion, the day Glen took over body Pump, i didnt like his selection of songs.. its a bit too noisy for the participants to really push to thir maximum. I think glen love rock songs.. haha..
Most of the stretch songs are rock songs..
as for me i love to have songs like, unbreak my heart, you raise me up.. these kinda songs are just so relaxing till the end...
and 1 more thing.. y is there no triceps n shoulder stretch on track 10? since BP59.. the stretching was all a bout the lower body.. what about the upper body?? since we work so hard through the triceps biceps n shouders...


On 22 February, 2008, Blogger manababies said...

Ah thank you! I just recently started taking the BodyPump class at Lifestyle Family Fitness and couldn't for the life of me figure out what that song was we were using for the chest segment. Love that song. And love this blog... definitely bookmarked!


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