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Every now and again a track shows up on a release that becomes a favorite - not just in class, but in a general Tami's favs or Craig's CD Rock iPod playlist. And then we feel like we got a little somethin' for nothin' - we had to buy the release anyway, and now we've got some bonus music for the road.

So one fine day we noticed a pattern - Seems whenever Pink (aka P!nk) turns up on a release, it's a pretty sure bet it'll be one of those bonus songs for us. Let's take a look:
Most Girls (Pump 38) - Besides being one of Tami's favorite ab songs, this class favorite gets the job done with one of the shortest - yet challenging - routines in the arsenal.

Lady Marmalade (Pump 39) - Pink teams up with Christina Aguillera, Lil' Kim, and Mya for an update to this classic Labelle tune that hit #1 on the charts clear back in 1975. Whether you love or hate the tune, you gotta admit this ab workout has something for everyone with an exquisite blend of crunches, reverse crunches, and lat work.

Get The Party Started (Pump 42) - Hardly a year later Pink shows up again - this time it's a combo-laden triceps workout on one of the all-time classic releases. If this one's in your instructor's library, chances are it makes a regular appearance on the class agenda.

Who Knew (Pump 60) - After a long hiatus, the first of two tracks from her long-awaited I'm Not Dead album returns to Pump as one of Craig's all-time favorite tricep tracks. The music may be sweet, but the tricep dips that top off this torture test make presses look like child's play.

I'm Not Dead (Pump 61) - Although it's the title track from the aforementioned album, you probably won't hear this song on the radio since it was never released as a single. Which is just as well... At 5:44, it's by far the longest chest track in nearly thirty releases - and by the time it winds down we've had all we can handle!
Surprised to see one artist show up on so many releases? Well, don't be - Pink joins a long list of artists making multiple appearances across the entire Les Mills lineup. What makes her contribution to the program notable, however, is the way these tunes lend themselves to athletic choreography without sounding alike (vs. E-Type, for example). And we wouldn't be surprised if she showed up again on another release in the near future.

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On 21 December, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the songs by Pink. I can really get into them and that makes the workout that much easier for me to finish. Unfortunately, I don't have the earlier releases (I only start with 40s) but the latest ones are definitely in my favorite lineup.


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