Missing: one husband
Has anyone seen my hubby? He should be somewhere in the vicinity of DC. If you see him, tell him to get back home so he can start writing again!


I am soooo glad summer has finally drawn to a close. It has been one we will not soon forget.

So, since Craig has been a bit busy, I decided to put my thought down on a subject that was brought to my attention a while back. I shall call it “Things That Annoy Instructors”.

#1. Coming in late to class and missing the very important warm up – and setting up weights can be a bit distracting. I must say though that it doesn’t always bother me. I just usually say hello to the person and move on!

#2. Leaving before the very important cool down. I know that some people have to leave because of jobs, etc., but the cool down is extremely important. Also distracting can be when weights are being put away as we instructing. However, on Fridays, there is a class right after ours so I will sometimes start putting our weights away while Craig teaches so we are not late getting out.

#3. This is what annoys me the most. When a new person comes to class and we try to go over proper form, and they are not paying the least bit of attention. Usually they are chatting with a friend or adjusting the weights on their bar instead of listening. Personally, I find this to be pretty rude. It makes me feel like I’m wasting my time, yet it is for their own benefit that we do this!

#4. When only 2 people show up to class!

Well – I think that is it. But in all fairness, I will try to put down what I think is annoying to participants.

#1. When the instructor is late.

#2. When the instructor is too ‘chatty’.

#3. When they have a sub.

#4. When we foul up the choreography.

#5. When I keep talking about my shoe fetish.

#6. When Craig and I act like Lucy and Ricky.

Did I miss anything? Hope not!

BTW – Craig will get the 63 review out soon.
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On 03 October, 2007, Blogger Craig Warman said...

Ugh. I'm guilty of all six on that second list. Mostly number... well, all of them.

On 04 October, 2007, Blogger Chantal said...

With this playlist it must be quite hot the room. So much sun and stars.... there's fire so the beds are burning. I can imagine everybody will scream by the time they get to track 8 and they will have their last breath by the the time they get to the cooling down :-)

x Chantal

On 07 October, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Tami-

I'd be curious to hear other instructor peeves....I also dislike when people come in late or leave early, but overall I am glad they are there, no matter how long. For their own benefit, it's too bad they don't get the entire class in, but some days it's all about choices and compromise....maybe it's better they get some of the class rather than none.

I have heard from many members that one of their peeves is when the music is too quiet......I have to agree......the music sets the tone, whether you like the songs or not, if you can't hear the beat and feel the music, you lose something in your workout. In the same subject, if your music is loud, you have to at least make sure you can be heard on your mic.....they have to be able to hear both the music and your instruction without compromising each other.

I have to be careful about #2...sometimes less talk is better!

How about a post about the things we LOVE!!? One of my tops would be audience participation! We instruct, we cue, we ask how they are doing........can we get some feedback please??? some "whoo-hoos", some grunting, or comments about how hard a track is/was? I have some members who are great about this, and it makes my job so much more fun and interactive......otherwise it's like "are you out there?? anybody?? hellloooooooo?" hee hee

Glad to have you back....look forward to your review of 63.


On 10 October, 2007, Anonymous Arjay said...

On #4 of things annoying to participants - "fouling up the choreography" - every instructor fould it up sometimes, even the best of the best! and to be honest, it doesn't really matter if you're a good instructor, what matters is if you can hold the class together regardless! Instructor foul-ups only annoy me if they then start getting flustered over it instead of just carrying on, at teh end of teh day it's the overall workout that counts, not calling every single move perfectly every time ...

On 26 October, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

c'mon tami and craig, we're all dying to see your review of bodypump 63!! ..well at least I am!!

On 12 November, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Missing: Tami and Craig. Heeeelllooooo?! ;-)


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