Our New Look: Done, and Done.
Months ago we decided that the look of our site was getting a little old. I spent several evenings researching various blogs, and finally came up with a whole new look. It seemed simple enough to me, the menu you see there on the left side plus the blog here on the right. Amazingly, though, writing the CSS (cascading style sheet) code behind these blog layouts is a whole lot more involved than it looks. Not only that, you also have to deal with all sorts of discrepencies between various browers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and others!) to get the look just right.

So days turned into weeks, then weeks into months. Ideas for posts stacked up all over my desktop and cluttered the "to do" list in my organizer. No, I wasn't going to post anything until the new layout was done. But each time I'd plan to sit down and work, something would come up - and I could never get those several hours of concentration I needed to go from idea to completion.

Finally, yesterday evening I told Tami I couldn't put it off any longer. Graciously she let me work late into the evening - and, finally, I got the job done. Hopefully you find the new look easy on the eyes.

Our review of BodyPump 62 is coming right up - along with those hundred other posts just begging to see the light of day!
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On 21 June, 2007, Anonymous Annemarie said...

Easy on the eyes indeed and I am impressed with your coding skills!

A job well done :)

Greetings from The Netherlands

On 21 June, 2007, Blogger Reymond said...


On 21 June, 2007, Blogger Tim said...

hey, good to see you back.

i like the way you shot the photo, it makes you look taller craig!

On 21 June, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi guys! I love the new look and the black and white pic too!

So sorry to have missed you when you came BUSTING through here this week! Please let me know if you come this way again.

We're launching 62 on Sat. I'll let you know how it goes. I am doing the lunges. Looking forward to hearing your review too.

Take care.

On 22 June, 2007, Blogger Craig Warman said...

Thank you everyone for the feedback! It is an honor and privilege for us to connect with other Pump enthusiasts with our blog, and we really wanted to make it look as classy as possible. In case anyone was wondering, we chose to go with a colorless layout scheme to give photos an extra "pop" on some forthcoming posts. We'll see if it works or not!

On 22 June, 2007, Anonymous Marjorie said...

Love the new look of the blog!! The black and white photo is a nice touch. Well done, as always!

Atlanta, GA


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