The Mother of All Lunge Tracks
Here's a post promised clear back in our BodyPump 61 review. Well, better late than never...
Nobody had ever heard of Rockwell when Somebody's Watching Me hit the streets back in 1984. It was, in fact, the chorus vocals performed by none other than Michael Jackson that caught everyone's attention. So when Dutch band Beatfreakz released their cover of the song in 2006, it came as no surprise that Jackson's chorus replaced Rockwell's melody as the centerpiece of this tune (listen closely and you'll still hear bits and pieces of Rockwell - though he's been demoted now to background vocals). While this dance-oriented mix never got much play here in the US, it did quite well in Europe - most notably the UK and Spain - as well as in Russia.

But that's small potatoes compared to what came next: Thanks to Emma Barry's unforgettable intro during the BodyPump 61 instructor video, Somebody's Watching Me has become known as "The Mother of All Lunge Tracks" to four million or so Pump participants worldwide. And rightly so - rare is the track that singlehandedly redefines the standard against which all others are measured, yet that's exactly what we have here. Bench or no bench, bar or no bar, there's simply no easy way to get around this monster... you just have to grit your teeth and meet it head on. All 5:05 of it.

That said, we still like having it on our class playlist. And, as release 61 steps aside for it successors, one thing's for certain: We've all got a stronger set of legs to show for it. Sore maybe, but stronger - thank you very much.
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On 29 June, 2007, Blogger pipera said...

Hi craig I can remember that track I am way too old to remember that that. I love this release heaps it is one of the best of the 60's series of Bodypump a big 10/10 from me.

On 09 July, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rockwell is Berry Gordy Jr.'s son. The folks at Motown came up with the name "Rockwell" after happening to notice an old Norman Rockwell print. Rockwell's sister was (maybe still is) married to Jermaine Jackson.

I'm not a big fan of most of the bodypump remixes, but I really like this one.

Jason from Carrboro, NC

On 09 July, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tami and Craig-
Yes, the mother of all lunge tracks, that is, until 62. I had a member tell me yesterday (we just launched it Sat) that the lunges from 62 should be called the "grandmother" of all lunge tracks!! Seriously though, 61 is probably one of the toughest lunges tracks, and close behind is "Breathe" from 58 and "Set you free" from 42. Now that we have "I go crazy" in 62, it's getting hard to keep track of what's harder......they are all hard, but in different ways......but we are really loving them anyway, cuz they shape our glutes and legs just like we want!

Can't wait for you to try 62 out and see what you should definitely be winded when you are done "sprinting"!!


P.S. I just saw that you have a link to me......HOW COOL IS THAT?? Thanks.

On 11 July, 2007, Blogger Tim said...

I reckon this one is THE hardest, especially with a decent weight and correct timing.

I think the backward stepping in 61/62 is actually easier due to the speed. When you have to get down 1/2 way and hold in this track and then finish with a slow 4 it's just pure lactic-land !

We did it again this morning - I still have post traumatic stress !


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