Today, it was like old times when the mailman delivered Body Pump 61. But this time, there was no fighting with Craig over who gets to do what songs. There was no running upstairs to download the CD to the computer and then to my iPOD. There was no wondering when the launch would be. It all seems like so long ago. And then, the FedEx man shows up with a package from Les Mills, New Zealand to Craig and I. Inside were 2 New Body Pump shirts – one for him and one for me. They are gorgeous! I immediately ran upstairs to his office and ask if he had ordered them in hopes of teaching again. Alas – he said no. There was no note inside so we were pretty stumped. A few minutes later he received an e-mail from Les Mills saying they had sent the shirts as a gift for the work we have done with the Blog. Wow! I thought that was great! Thanks LM – it really means a lot that you take notice of our ramblings!
The sad thing is, that even if we wanted to get back to teaching Pump, we have no place to teach it. The club we had worked for, where I had worked for over 5 years, made some bad decisions, (in my opinion), and I had no choice but to quit. I won’t go into all the details, but it was a bit upsetting to me. I had worked hard at building a senior fitness class and hated to leave them – but I was able to start teaching the same class at a facility in town and it is growing fast! I will also start teaching some classes at the local Rec center in April so things are looking up. There is only one other local club in town, and as far as I know, they do not offer Les Mills programs.

So for now, I still do Body Pump but I do it in my basement. Tomorrow I will do BP 61 and see how that goes. Monday I take my exam to become certified as a Senior Fitness Instructor. Craig is riding his bike (it’s still too cold for me to ride!) and still working with computers.

We hope all are doing well and we miss hearing from everyone.

Keep Pumping!

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On 08 March, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you two will return to the real BP soon:) It's amazing that your work has been influencing so many people around the world. I have been reading your comments all the time. Before I even started to instruct BP myself.
Whatever you do, I wish you all the best!!!

With a great appreciation,
from Estonia.

On 12 March, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

great 2 hear from u guys!!
stay in touch!! i will always check ur site, it became too much of a habit :)

On 15 March, 2007, Blogger reymond said...

Dear Tami and Craig,

It was so thoughtful. I kept coming back to this blog to see if you wrote any updates. And finally there's one. I really miss reading your blog. But good to know you're all right. I will think of you on my next BODYPUMP class.


On 20 March, 2007, Blogger Niki said...


I agree.....I admit I was guilty of coming to the site to see if you had posted ANYthing......anything at all.....and of course until now, there was nothing. I stopped coming as often, but today I decided to check again, and what a nice surprise!

Although I am sad to hear about your club and what happened, I am glad you are still going to write about pump, etc. You know, something may still come up and it might end up being better than before!

Wishing you all the best in whatever comes your way, and I look forward to hearing your review of 61. We launch it in 10 days and I am really excited. I think it's going to be a good one overall...definitely some tough tracks to challenge members (and instructors too!)

Take care, and I'll be checking in more often again!

On 22 March, 2007, Blogger Tami W. said...

When something has been such a huge part of your life it is hard to give it totally up. Kinda like a drug - but one that is actually good for you! For the past 2 months since we stopped teaching I have tried keeping in shape by doing "other" weight routines - from ones on the internet to video / DVDs that I have in my fitness library - and there is nothing that compares to BodyPump. Most of the other routines I would watch the clock thinking, "How much longer?" Not so with BP - time flies - and I feel great when I'm done.

I have been doing 61 and I really like it - the lunge song is my favorite!

Niki - lost your e-mail. Want to find out where your club is for when we do our summer trip!

Thanks for all the positive remarks - its all the readers who make this so worth while!

On 25 March, 2007, Blogger Niki said...

I'll send it again privately.
Also, if you haven't set up profiles at Les Mills yet, you guys should do it! You can check mine out at:

Let me know if you can't get to it, but it's another way to contact me too. If that doesn't work, go to the search, then Nebraska, then either my user name (sunflower) or display name (Niki).

I love your latest review, but will go to post a message on that message.



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