Biceps: Our Picks From The 50s Series
The biceps have always been fertile territory for memorable songs, and quite frankly the 50's are an embarrassment of riches. Which is what made this one of the most difficult lists to compile - Without a lame song in the bunch, how do you come up with a "worst"? Picking the best of the best became an exercise in splitting hairs; only the most memorable came easily to us:
Best: Spirit In The Sky (Gareth Gates) - BodyPump 56 -This remake of the 60's classic more than does justice to the original. The folks at the front desk can always tell when we run this song - we all leave the gym with our knuckles dragging the ground. Runners up: Pump It, Walk This Way, Gonna Make You Sweat, and pretty much everything else.

Worst: Somewhere I Belong (Linkin Park) - BodyPump 50 - This one always seems to split right along gender lines: Guys love the ultra-slow workout, the ladies say it's too dark. Hey, we had to pick a worst and this was the closest we could find!

Most Memorable: Save A Horse (Big & Rich) - BodyPump 53 - Whether or not you like Country Music, you have to admit this one made you smile. In fact, this song probably got more play in BodyPump classes worldwide than from radio stations back here in the States.
And there it is, an admittedly tough list to compile for a track that never lets us down. Why can't the music be this good on all the tracks? Speaking of which, we've already got our list done for the next: Lunges
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On 04 December, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was really weird. I would say 90% of the class members at my gym hated this song. They said "they hate country" or "the lyrics were to suggesstive." I loved this track and thought it was a lot of fun. But I taught it for the release and haven't played it since because it was so disliked. Maybe they didn't like it because the most popular instructor at our club made such a big deal about how she hated the song?

On 04 December, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also loved most of the bicep routines except for the last two, Stand By Me from 58 and Time 2 Move from 59. These two were just not in the same category as the prior ones. When you go from tracks where everyone pretty much knows the words to a track and can get into the routine to virtually unknown songs, it just is not the same. My club also did not Save A Horse ..., due to the objectionable lyrics, and as a result I hardly play. My pick for best track is Pump It!!!

On 05 December, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From my perspective it's quite interesting you've picked Spirit In The Sky as best, because it's actually a bonus track. And thanks to your BP 56 review I was the only one at the fitness club who knew it existed. Both instructor had no idea why there's track 11 on a CD until I pointed that out and requested its playback. Great song to lift the spirit in the class, especially for special occasions. My favorite: Gonna Make You Sweat.

On 05 December, 2006, Blogger Niki said...

Hey guys-
I love that you are doing this, and I have wanted to comment before now, but I just had to pipe in here for biceps. Yes, it is usually one of the most anticipated songs/tracks by our members and most of the 50's did well by this track.....funny what you said about Linkin Park--when I teach at Gold's, it's more liked, but when I teach at the YMCA, not so much!! It's a tough track though, and I bring it out for the work out mostly. Members always moan when I bring out Walk this way and Spirit in the Sky......they like it, but it's harder on them!

As for me though, the one bicep track I put away asap was from 55-Galvanize.......I really hated that one and the chory was a little bit all over......however, shortly after it came out, it showed up in several TV commercials, and I started to get used the song, but still don't love the chory, so I don't do it. If someone asked for it, I would bite my tongue and do it for them though because I feel like I am really there for them and their work out. I know others have said they LOVE bi's from 55, but not me!!

If I get time, I will go back and comment on some of your other choices, but mostly you've been right on in my opinion!
Keep up the great conversations!


Can I put in a vote for lunges? The hardest and best lunge track from the 50's HAS TO BE "Breathe" from 58! I match it's intensity and toughness to "Set you free" from BP 42 (with the staggered lunges)

On 05 December, 2006, Blogger Tami & Craig Warman said...

Great feedback - this makes it all worthwhile!

On 09 December, 2006, Blogger brodie72 said...

I couldn't stand 'spirit in the sky' (I'm an aussie living the the UK and Gareth Gates annoys the hell out of me!).

I did like Galvanise by the Chemical Brothers (I had it as the ringtone on my phone for a while - another regular at pump found out that I'd done that so he went off and did the same!) and Car Wash was always good for a laugh but my favourite has to be Sae a Horse!

On 16 December, 2006, Anonymous Michela said...

Oh my god I hate Spirit in the Sky!!!!! I don't know the song either, and never liked it when I heard it on BP56. Worst by far - Galvanize. THE CHOREO JUST DOESN'T WORK!!! Even on the DVD they have some careful editing in parts to NOT show how you are supposed to fit in certain beats of the choreography!

My favourites ... Save a Horse!!!! (53) - my class laugh at me when I do this one cos I always wear a cowboy hat and beg people to sing along with me! - Pump it (57), Time to Move (59) and Stand by Me (58) - I hate biceps but never minded these ones. Funny how they are the ones the second commenter hated!

On 20 December, 2006, Anonymous spaceman said...

I'm gonna vote for Walk this Way, because even though I don't mind a little bit of creativity in the chorey every now and then, sometimes it's good to just go back to basics and crank out a motherload of singles!


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