Back & Hamstrings: Our Picks From The 50s Series
Like the warm-up, BodyPump back & hamstrings tracks have a distinct sound that became even more pronounced over the 50's series. Play track #4 for any two or three 50's releases and you'll see what we're talking about. The workout routine sequences are noticeably similar as well - so much, in fact, that many instructors learn this track the first time through.

With so much similarity, picking the best, worst, and most memorable wasn't an easy task. Here's what we came up with:
Best: Here I Am (Jan Wayne feat. Charlene) - BodyPump 54 - A strong background beat punctuates this energy laden track from start to finish. Runners up: The 50-52nd releases - Slave to the Music, Fly on the Wings of Love, and Land of the Living for turning up the heat by dropping the dead row from the clean & press sequence for the first two sets - now that was a workout!

Worst: Olympia (E-Type) - BodyPump 55 - While this track surely made an excellent pick as the official song for the 2004 Swedish Olympic team in Athens, the long drawn-out intro makes it stick out like a sore thumb in a BodyPump workout. Heart rates plummet by the time the first set of clean & presses roll around, and the break before the final set is our only rouse from a routine that puts us right to sleep.

Most Memorable: Land of the Living (Milk Inc.) - BodyPump 52 - Well, only for us. You know the weird little synth number right after each set of seven dead rows? That's where Tami makes me do a shimmy in front of class. I feel so cheap.
Well we finally pulled it together - our picks for the best, worst, and most memorable back & hamstrings tracks from the 50s series. It wasn't easy, but the next one's a cinch: Triceps
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On 30 November, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

personally i loved a to the b for the triceps track- i thought it was great with 3 rounds on the bench followed by triceps extensions standing up. love to hate it

On 16 December, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally agree about Olympia. I unfortunately trained on BP55 and UGH that track sucks!!!! The music is terrible, and the workout is bad too. (I'll forgive one or the other but not both!)

On 20 December, 2006, Anonymous spaceman said...

I started pump on release 52, and in some ways Land of the Living still sets the standard for me. I'm not usually a great fan of the four-clean-and-press-in-a-row combo, but can make an exception for this track which packs in something like 22 C&P reps in total.

By comparison, the B&H tracks on 53 thru 56 were all pretty dull to my mind. Of these, 56 (Why) is actually not a bad workout, but the song isn't quite inspiring enough somehow.

Thankfully, thinks have improved a lot on releases 57 thru 60. Yes, there is a certain sameness to some of the songs, but they are all a lot more energetic than any of the corresponding tracks from a year earlier. Of the recent tracks, 58 is perhaps the best by a whisker.


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