Lost your mojo?
What happens after teaching your 700+ Body Pump class? Instructor burnout. Thats usually as sign, for me anyway, that I need some time off. But it seems different this time. I was off the end of September for a week due to some minor surgery. Our launch is next week, but we will be in Biloxi for the week rebuilding homes. I have never missed a launch and I'm a bit bummed that it was scheduled on the week we would be gone. But then again, I haven't even gone over my new music. Generally, I will practice the new stuff continuously until I know it, which means listening to the CD about 100 times! Not happening this time. I feel like I have to strive harder to learn the stuff because I want/need to know the choreo perfectly and I get really un-nerved when I foul up.

So what do you do? I still love Body Pump. I still love the people in our class. I just can't seem to put my finger on it. Maybe it is all the changes we have seen at our club. Maybe it's using second rate audio equipment (see Craig's post) to deliver a top rated class!

I'm hoping when we get back from Biloxi that my mind set will have changed and I will be chomping at the bit to teach. After all - it has kept me in shape for the past 4 1/2 years. I have also met some very wonderful people in our class - including the lady who married Craig and I! (who happens to be DR. Pierson's lovely wife!)

Has anyone ever gone through what I am? I would love some feedback - some tips that will pull me out of my slump.

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On 12 October, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Minor surgery can have major effects on your body and energy levels. I had laproscopic surgery (angry gallbladder had to get removed) at the end of july and while I was back teaching classes within ten days, I'm still not at 100%.

If you've had any sort of surgery within the last month, cut yourself some slack.

It really does affect your energy levels and sense of motivation. It's a big shock to the body, and since our business IS our body, we are sensitive to changes..and if you are like me, you feel frustrated that you aren't your usual GO GET 'EM self. That enthusiasm will come back eventually. Not consistantly at first, but it WILL come back.

On 12 October, 2006, Blogger Tami W. said...

That thought had never occured to me! I was back teaching 1 week after surgery - (using very light weights of course!) and I think I may have overdone it. Our bodies do need to rest whether we like it or not.

Thanks for the enlightenment!

On 13 October, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm, if I were you I'd visit some other LM classes to participate. Balance, Step and RPM would be a good supplement and refreshing. Maybe even Attack, Combat or Jam, if you like any of them (I prefer Attack). You'll meet new people and other instructors with unique teaching styles that I'm sure you'll benefit of them.

Btw, our yesterday's BP 59 class was a disaster. Instructor totally messed up the warmup - she made us stop in the middle of lunges and do a quick transition into dead rows (she skipped them before overhead presses), then back to lunges. Very unprofessional! Squats were ok this time (but a class before she missed the first break), but then for chest she played the squats track. I immediately waved to her with my hand hoping she would see me and realize something isn't right, but no, I had to come closer to her and since I was the only one standing up, she finally realized a mistake. At triceps there were some minor glitches in the second half (standing extensions), while at burning biceps she skipped the first set of bottom halves, so the beginning was a mess again. Lunges: after extensions on the floor she immediately put the bar on her shoulders, but then the music beat didn't fit and I guess she also saw my correct workout. "Sorry class, bars down, time for dynamic lunges." Phew! Shoulder track was amlost ok, and the remaining two were fine, thank god. Next time I will just ignore 'her own' choreo and do it as it should be done.

On 13 October, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I totally understand where you are coming from. Even with out having surgery, teaching that long can just burn you out. I go through slumps like that all the time because I think that a lot of the choreography seems to be the same after a while.

I actually posted the same question on the Body pump myspace group and the group gave me some good advice. Well great for you that you are taking a week off! That is my first recommendation so that you will miss it. I also recommend trying to go to the next quarterly to get inspired and refreshed on why you are a Body Pump instructor. You can also try taking someone else’s class at a different club.

Most of all just relax, we all go through these slumps and you just got to make it through. I hope you are refreshed whenever you return from Biloxi. I live right outside of New Orleans and I want to thank you for coming down south to help us out.

There are also some great clubs about 45 minutes away from Biloxi that have Body pump and other Les Mills programs. So if you are interested let me know and I can hopefully point you in the right direction. Good Luck! – LEAH

On 13 October, 2006, Blogger Tami W. said...

Well - at our club we only have Pump, Step, Combat, & Flow. I sometimes do Flow, but also do Yoga at home, which has been a great help. I do want to get back to taking Step again but my body needs to heal just a bit more. Combat? It's ok - just not held at good times for me.

Sorry about your launch. I don't understand how you can mix-up a routine. Did she not practice beforehand? Once, while Craig was in DC taking the Pump class he said the instructor did the bicep song for the tricep song! Again, I'm not sure how that would happen but I guess it does!

I think things will be better after Biloxi - I feel like it will be a 'cleansing' for me! Not sure we we be able to make it to a class - we will be driving the "Love Shack"! Besides - I'm sure we will be exhausted at the days end. I am bringing my Yoga matt - that I can do in the RV!

Thanks again for all the great tips - they have all been extremely helpful!


On 15 October, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give yourself a break - teaching is hard work. You will have your ups and downs.

I personally take a break by taking a LM class - that I don't teach - stand way in the back of the room - and "hide" (I am not really hidden or unknown - but in my mind I am). It is joy to just take in a class - and mess up (not on purpose - but if you do not know the chorry - it isnt hard to mess up). I had forgeten - how much I love being a class participant - until I did it a few weeks ago. I am now a regular in a BC class.

On 16 October, 2006, Blogger sultan said...

Hello Tami,
Try to find out about the new LM class, visit and look for the video of body vive.
It is sort of between bb and attack. Maybe this new class will help you get into your feeling again and is maybe better than taking up bs. For when you grow older it is harder to re-energize.
Take it is easy and do not worry too much, for it is looking for something you lost like crazy and not being able to find it, when you let go suddenly it is there again. Kia Kaha Annelies

On 18 October, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It could just be this release.There are no standout power tracks in my mind.Be interesting to know if the BPMs on the track are constant as this could have a psychological effect.

Remember also noone expects you to be perfect, its ok to muck up once in a while! dont be so harsh on yourself.

On 18 October, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Recently we changed from LM to BTS. I will say the change has been awesome and motivating. Our club also offer over 175 classes per week so BTS is a very small percent of classes. A suggestion -to participate in as many programs outside of Lm as possible so body can continue to change and bordom does not set in. I try to attend anything I can outside of BTS so it feels fresh when I teach and I teach other classes as well that are outside of BTS. I also get really great ideas from other classes.

On 25 October, 2006, Blogger Tami W. said...

I have really appreciated all the helpful tips on getting motivated again. I took step today and it was great! 59 is mostly growing on me. Did not care for the warm-up and totally dislike the remake of a great Lynrd Skyrnd classic. I don't think Mr. Van Sant would have liked it either. Oh well - the rest has been great - and the Mojo is returning!


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