I need your help!
We receive several private e-mails on a weekly basis requesting info on where to buy DVD's so people can do Pump in their own home. As always, we explain that they are only available to certified instructors. Yesterday, an anon reply came to my response and since I have no way to tell to them, again, the reason why they are not available to the general public, I thought I would just publish the e-mail and let other instructors reply. Maybe you can explain it better that I can!

"How disappointing to find that you do not do Body Pump DVDS!!! I understand your reasoning but with two pre-school children, a business to run and studying at university all this as well as living some way away from a fitness club and not having the funds to join anyway makes it look like you just want to cater to a select market - those who have time and money. How sad!"

Thanks for your help!
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On 05 August, 2006, Blogger Katie C said...

I have done a search online for BodyPump tapes / DVD's as well with no avail. At first I was a little bummed - not because I can't make it to a class now but because we might be moving to Japan and I don't know if I will be able to find a Body Pump class there. :0( My conclusion was and is this - BodyPump tapes are probably best left in the hands of the professionals. It is important to be trained and certified in this class because, as you know, you can get hurt if you're not careful. Plus, it's a business - and if the makers of BodyPump don't want to make tapes - what can you do? It's like asking your favorite pizza place for their prized secret recipe just because you can't make it out to eat as often as you'd like - it's not going to happen. BodyPump's success lies in the fact that it is an energetic, "community" class done by professionals. I know that there are BodyPump knock-offs out there that offer tapes. The people who want to do it at home might try searching online for a BodyPump-ish type tape as an alternative.
Another alternative is to find fitness facilities in your area - whether it be at a college or a gym - and see if they would be interested in starting a BodyPump class. It's only an hour every couple of days so that might help with the time issue. Most gyms offer child sitting services - try to locate a gym in your area that caters to parents with a busy schedule and a tight budget. The gym I go to is a women's gym and it offers child care services all at a very low monthly price. Big name gyms usually come with a larger monthly fee - maybe a lesser known facility might be better for this person.
I'm not an instructor but I can relate to her frustration. The BodyPump classes are awesome - your "emailers" are able to work it out and are able to participate in classes one way or another.

On 05 August, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi the only way you can get tapes is on ebay type in les mills and something will eventually come
up they might run about $100

On 05 August, 2006, Blogger bodypumpinstructor said...

I can feel this person's pain...I live 30 minutes from my gym that offers BP. When my kids were very small, it was hard. Fortunately, the gym we attend ( a YMCA) has an awesome kids' zone where they watch the kids while we work out. I am fortunate that I am a BP instructor and my family is very supportive. I hope this person will research YMCA's in her area...they may concessions based on income if needed, and many are now offering Bodypump and other Les Mills programs. They will not turn anyone away, trust me!

Exercise is important for everyone, but even more so for a mother (or father) of small children. Even one hour apart from the kids can be so reenergizing. I hope this person will find the right gym and network with other parents! Good luck! Thanks, Craig and Tami...I really look forward to your blog updates and reap the benefits of your experience! What a great service your provide! Keep it up!

On 05 August, 2006, Blogger Tami W. said...

Well said Katie.

I too remember the times when I was broke, and I had 2 small kids at home, one being handicapped, so it was impossible for me to go to a gym. What I did was got some cheap weights and began working out at home with Cathe Freidrich and The Firm video tapes. This of course was way before I knew BP existed but I was determined to keep the weight off I had lost. As the old saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way. Sometimes it just takes a little effort and alot of determintation.

Thanks BP instructor for the nice comments! We could not do this blog without all of you!

As far as getting videos on e-bay, they will usually pull the auction because it is a Les Mills licensing thing.

On 06 August, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the reason why BP DVDs are not available for sale is probably due to the copyright issues - LM purchases the license for playing the music in the gyms only, but not retailing and selling the music to the public (which is much much more expensive!)

On 06 August, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rep Reebok has a version of BP which works very well and can be purchased from

On 07 August, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Usually people will sell BP releases on ebay for "buy it now option" which means whoever buys it first win, I have bought many BP
videos this way. Also you can legally go to the website don olivier,, I dont the web address, and buy a set of weights exactly like the ones they use at the gym and it comes with a free BP dvd, these are the same people who make the weights for les mills.
When you go to the website go to get a quote us only. Also type in les mills on ebay right and you will find some stuff

On 07 August, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like Mike McSweeney will deliver the magic of Pump and some other programs right to your home. Hopefully this fall.

On 14 August, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a BP instructor who travels 40 mins. to do her classes at the only gym licensed for Les Mills classes that is near me. I am shocked at the people's responses who want to be able to buy the releases. Not only do we PAY FOR and give up our time for the initial training, we are responsible for putting in our own time (unpaid) for memorizing the new releases (which we also pay for each quarter) and cueing them CORRECTLY. Also, at my club, the instructors are required to learn the education sessions and are tested on them. We Body Pump instructors put a lot of time, passion, and money into our classes. Boohoo for you who aren't instructors and can't (or won't) go to a club a couple of times a week to do the class by a trained professional who has been trained by a professional. You take your own risks.

On 14 August, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...


On 20 August, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Body Pump used to sell videos and weights for home use. You can find them on ebay. But they stopped doing it, presumably because of the safety issue. There is a reason the instructors are trained and certified: it protects the integrity of the program.

On 29 August, 2006, Anonymous EddieR said...

Hi Folks
I'm a BP & BS instructor in Auckland NZ. I find many of these comments interesting and thought it worth adding some from my perspective. There are many things we value in life but pay a ‘price’ for. Is that 'unfair'?

On the issue of BP DVD's being unavailable. Truth is the international copyright on the music restrict LM (and all LM franchised gyms and instructors) from distributing the DVDs. It's simply against the law to copy and reproduce the music which is the intellectual property of the musicians and producers of those songs. (Anybody remember Napster?) And, it goes without saying the same applies to the program itself, and Les Mills.

On the issue of 'Home exercise' using a DVD... Any instructor with any experience of classes at all, knows that correct form and technique is difficult to learn by simply watching the presentation. Even within a class! The instructor constantly reviews participants' during every track, correcting technique and people’s form, reminding them how to exercise safely and get results. Injuries are most certainly possible in resistance exercise. An instructor's assessment incorporates corrective coaching into their certification.

I don't condone the more hardline comments of the instructor above, who seems to labour the point we pay for releases and invest our free time learning routines, to justify the unavailability of DVDs,. It's a little aggressive, and really misses the point, that it seems 'unjust' if people who enjoy BodyPump can't access the DVDs

Truth is... the LM programs are enjoyed and attended by thousands around the world, because of what they are! GROUP fitness classes! …A premium program presented by qualified instructors, coaching people to be safe in their exercise. And more than just that, each class is in itself is an entertainment experience (a small show, if you like). Instructors who prepare, rehearse, plan or script their delivery and “connect” with the participants are truly the best and most popular. And is that not worth the trip? You won’t experience that at home. Is it not the entire package you value when you return weekly to your favourite class? Is it not the shared experience of a class, combined with the great popular music and safe coaching that is really the essence of that ‘thing’ people love most in BP and other LM programs?

I have many exercise books, videos and quite a few DVDs on my shelf… and that is where they stay, while I attend my gym several times a week, enjoy Group fitness classes, meet up with friends and have a great time!

Finally… I’d like to say Hi and Thanks to Tam and Craig for their great site and this Blog. I only found it today. Brilliant! I shall be a regular visitor!

On 08 September, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

where are you?

On 06 March, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few years ago I purchased bodypump from collage video it included a vhs tape of the orignal bodypump crew. I think they were australia or new zealand. it came with a dumbell and weights. They've since stopped selling it. Not sure why

On 19 July, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I moved to Korea for two years, Body Pump was not available to me. However, I researched and found Body Bar. Body bar is really neat. Everything can be bought online, and a lot of gym's use them. Check out

However, if you want the "Bar Bell" look, you can get a bar bell set for about thirty bucks at walmart. And Cathe Friedrich has several DVD's with bar bells.

Whatever their reasons for cutting their supply short, they are not understanding that they are undercutting single parents and the working class citizen who does not have the time, money, or resources to go to a gym/club/center.

On 22 August, 2007, Anonymous JosieGrl said...

Some gyms hold classes different times of the year to get certified. some classes where i am from cost 200$ . For those who want to do it at home just get certified to buy the DVDS! But The Classes Are very very hard. I havent gotten certified but i have been taken it long enough to know pretty much no what to do. Most importantly i know when enough is enough for my body. I just purchased a bar bell set to keep at home for the days that i cant make it. Pluss you can always check out FIT TV Sometime they have a body pump session!

On 01 January, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been doing bp for two years. I have recently bought a weight set that is the same as the bp sets in the gym and been doing exercises by memory at home. I don't enjoy group exercises as I am constantly battling it out trying to find a small space in the gym and gym fees are expensive. Bring out a DVD for us who want to work out at home!

On 13 January, 2008, Blogger Linda said...

As a certified BP instructor who is "anchored in Anchorage" with no class in range of an auto trip (...nearest is in Juneau... requires flying to get there) I must say I MISS the classes (whether or teaching or taking) SO MUCH! I have several DVDs and I am using them at home to stay in form (practicing in front of full length mirros etc) but it is Just Not the Same! There is a magic to the synergy of a class and a camraderie to seeing people each week getting stronger and fitter together. As a lawyer, I fully recognize the copyright issues ... the long and short would be that Les Mills would have to pay exorbitant money to send that music (which includes hot artists like Pink, Shakira, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas... Not covers) into home sales. Kia ora all!

On 11 April, 2008, Blogger Unmodern said...

Just to respond to the instructors...Bodypump like any other group exercise class can be distilled into a format that makes it home friendly.

This will not mean you get fewer participants at the gyms, it will just mean that the system is more accessible to those who do not visit a gym.

I enjoy Bodypump at the gym, but years ago even before I ever heard of body pump I used videos from the likes of The Firm etc which also used free weights.

Bodypump are free to use whatever business model they choose ...but no reason why someone else can't develop a home video that uses barbells etc (I find the videos are usually good at explaining technique)

On 27 April, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We did BodyPump at a local FitnessFirst branch for about six months. I didn't feel that having the instructors was very helpful. They seemed to be more interested in showing off how much weight they could push rather than in helping class members with proper technique.

Now we've moved and there's no gym nearby that offers BodyPump. I managed to download two BodyPump DVDs from BitTorrent. I actually find the DVDs far more helpful than the instructors at our gym, particularly the second part that explains many details never explained to us at the gym. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the people who create the program are far better at explaining it than people who learn the program just because they need a job. I do realize that there's likely trainers out there that do have a passion for teaching the class correctly. They just don't work at the gym where we went.

Copyright is not an issue. Yes, Les Mills would pay more fees if it sold DVDs to anybody. But the income from the DVDs they sell would make up for it.

It's simply a matter of branding. Les Mills prefers their product to be available at certified gyms only. By artificially limiting supply, they create a premium product that fetches premium prices. That's why BodyPump DVDs go for $200 on eBay instead of $20 like ordinary DVDs. I don't blame Les Mills for choosing this business strategy. I might do the same in their position. But they shouldn't make excuses about it.

And selling DVDs that you've legally obtained from Les Mills is not illegal in all jurisdictions. In many jurisdictions, it falls under "fair use" exemptions in copyright law that override anything restrictions Les Mills tries to put into its licenses. It's similar to buying a book. You can't sell copies of the book, but you can sell the original book that you purchased.

On 03 May, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've just spent ages searching for Les Mills DVDs too and it is a shame that they are not more easily available. I do understand some of the reasons for this however, for a variety of reasons, not everyone can make it to a gym or have access to LMs programs and it would be nice to have access to them at home.

I am a single mum so getting to the gym is difficult enough, but add on the fact that I live in Thailand it is very difficult to find good quality instruction. I started off going to California Wow and my first Pump class there was shocking - I highly doubt that the instructor was actually even qualified - his clean and jerk was one swift movement with no bending of knees and there were new people in the class who were copying him as they didn't know better. No advice (in Thai or English) was given to newbies whatsoever so there were tiny little Asian girls starting warm-ups with 10kg weights or more on their bars! Surely using the DVD at home would be safer than this!

I actually prefer BodyStep to anything else but this wasn't available at this CalWow so I am now also a member at Fitness First - the classes are ok and the instructors at least do the moves properly but there is absolutely no actual instruction at all - not that you'd hear anyhow as the sound system is so bad with the music at horrific levels and the mikes impossible to hear. The only reason I know what to do is that I spent 6 months last year going to a proper Les Mills in New Zealand.

I would so love to top up my once a week medicore gym experience by using Les Mills DVDs at home ... and I would pay whatever to do this!!! It is a shame that this is not really possible.

On 04 May, 2008, Anonymous Rubaiyat said...

I have been attending Body Pump classes 5 times a week for last 4 months and simply love it. But because of work I have go overseas for 2 years and in that country there are no Body Pump classes. So for someone like me what are the options?

The only option is a BP DVD and unfortunately I can't get it. Yes, I can understand music copyright issues, safety and other stuffs. But there is still a solution to this. From what I gather, there are two major obstacle:
1. Music copyright
2. Safety and proper training.

Music copyright is really not a problem. Charge the cost of music in the BP Home editions. There are 10 tracks and $15 royalty per DVD will cover that. I get the $15 figure from $1.5 per track that you can get them from online music stores. What ever the cost may be, pass it to the consumers!

Now comes the safety issue. Yes, it is important to ensure that everyone knows the techniques properly. So how about you sell the DVDs through your network of fitness centres and sell it to only those who exhibit proper techniques. The trainers can observe the participant if they think that he/she has got the moves correctly and only then sell them the DVD. If you must, even throw in the clause, "you have to attend at least 10 classes".

BP is a business, so there you go, a business solution. There is really a good market for it (think of my situation), so why not use it and increase your revenue.

My 2 cents :)

On 04 June, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am from Tennessee where they currently have 0 BP sessions at 0 clubs around the sister is doing BP in Georgia. Sure wish they would come up with something...

On 10 July, 2008, Blogger rogerio said...

I am from Brazil , I was a bodypump instructor and a personal friend from Michael McSweeney the head choreographer. There is no way you will be able to get the dvd or the weights , since they are custom made exclusevely for les mills international in each country. however...there is a solution : The same head choreographer jumped into another business called "ifitclub" , which is precisely what you guys have been looking for. dvd and cds to be purchased so that you can work out at home , at the gym , at the garage , virtually anywhere. for more info go to have fun !

On 22 April, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand why they can not see them, but peoples comments about those people who "wont" go to the gym are uncalled for. I work nights in a ER and they way my schedule is, only allows me to be able to attend one class a week. I understand why the gym doesnt do classes at 730 am which would be perfect for me, but it would be great if I could do it at home the other two times a week to get the recommended dose. If i was able to do them at home when needed I would still go to the gym when I could because I love the group

On 17 May, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I have a copy of body pump 48 and 68 I bought from the states. Let me know and I'll get you one! Email

On 01 July, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can get them on ebay. Also try searching for group power which is by Body Training Systems. Type "BTS group" and items should come up. These programs are comparable and you can get them on ebay for around $60 or so. You can get the Body Pump programs for $100+ each, but they are very rare. There is also a set of barbells available at Dicks that is very similar to the Don Oliver set. I got mine for $40 and it came with 100 lbs of weights and a bar with collars.

I used to be an instructor, but hardly anyone came to the classes so my gym dropped the program. To buy releases, you must not only be an instructor, but you must teach at a licensed facility. Thankfully, I have all of my old releases and can mix them up to get a workout at home.

On 10 July, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love body pump - doing it quite often. What is not mentioned here is after a new release, many times the BP instructors begin mixing the prior releases - multiple ones. This helps aid in the muscle confusion. If you stick to doing the same BP release week after week after week - it becomes to easy and your body won't get the same workout.

Also you should never do BP more than 3 times a week. It should almost always be followed by cardio. Proper technique is important. I have seen many people lift to heavy and really get hurt. I prefer the group setting. I am sorry more people don't have access to it.

On 08 June, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have some if you are interested,

On 05 August, 2010, Anonymous PegB said...

Yes Body Pump Videos are greatly needed especially for those of us that had religiously attended classes and now due to transfer of job/relocation are in an area of the country where the nearest gym is 30 miles away from the town I live and work in. I have a very old Body Pump VHS video I use periodically but the repetition is monotonous to say the least.


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