I need your help!
We receive several private e-mails on a weekly basis requesting info on where to buy DVD's so people can do Pump in their own home. As always, we explain that they are only available to certified instructors. Yesterday, an anon reply came to my response and since I have no way to tell to them, again, the reason why they are not available to the general public, I thought I would just publish the e-mail and let other instructors reply. Maybe you can explain it better that I can!

"How disappointing to find that you do not do Body Pump DVDS!!! I understand your reasoning but with two pre-school children, a business to run and studying at university all this as well as living some way away from a fitness club and not having the funds to join anyway makes it look like you just want to cater to a select market - those who have time and money. How sad!"

Thanks for your help!