Good form?
Well, here we sit in West Danville, Vermont and all hopes of going for a ride on the tandem have floated out the window. It's been raining all day and it seems will continue to do so for the rest of the day. So, since we are stuck in the camper I thought I would throw a new post up regarding form, or lack thereof.

It seems no matter how many times we demonstrate proper form, slowing going through each stage of the move - particularly the clean and presses - some members just can't get it right. I understand newcomers, but those who have been regularly coming to classes should have it down by now. Most of the problems usually come from trying to lift too much weight, and the bar is being flung up in the air putting great strain on the back. No matter how many times during the clean & press we say "bring the bar straight up to your chest", or "like your zipping your coat", we will still have those that do a reverse curl. I have even demonstrated the proper move by having someone stand directly in front of me to show that if I try to do a reverse curl, I will smack the person standing there. Some will get it - others don't.

One thing I do notice is that many times while Craig is showing what the proper form of the upcoming track will be - many partcipants are chatting, or looking bored - like they have heard it all before and they know what to do. Maybe they need to pay a bit more attention. After all - it is for their benefit that we say the same things over and over again! We all, no doubt get tired of repeating ourselves, but we have to.

Proper form is so very important to prevent injury and to make sure the right muscle is being used. I feel alot of folks are wasting time beacause their form is off and they are not recruiting the muscle we are intending to work.

Are there other instructors out there experiencing the same thing? Maybe you could give us some helpful cueing tips. What are your phrases that work? Let us know!
How long has it been?
Yes, summer has arrived and kids are out of school, thus - no time for writing! I do happen to have a few minutes before heading off to the club so I thought I would jot down a few things.

First of all, Craig and I leave Wednesday for our long awaited road trip, and from what I can gather, it looks like southern Vermont will be a 'Body Pump' stop for us. I have the clubs info so I can figure out which class we will be able to attend. We are really looking forward to seeing how other clubs promote Body Pump!

Then, imagine my suprise when I went to the mailbox and there was BP58, and the chest song is in fact 'Love Shack'! I'm soooo excited! We did happen to pick out our liscense plate back in 2003 so there is no correlation - just pure happy coincidence! So if you see the 'lvshack' chugging along the highways of New England - honk!

Our club has not yet announced our launch date but I'm sure it will be soon. Has anyone out there launched yet? How do you like it? We have not had a chance to review the DVD yet but that should be out in the next week or so. I did watch the chest track, ...very kewl. BTW, are the women's speedo's available in red? : )

See ya soon!