Our BodyPump 57 Launch (w/pics)
It's been five and a half months since our club had its last launch, so it wouldn't be an overstatement to say we were hungry for new music. Well, we had a feast today - and BodyPump 57 was a meal worth waiting for. Smiles all around the room for Tina Cousins' Come To Me warm-up quickly gave way to looks of determination when the reality of five and a half minute squat song began to sink in. There was no rest for the weary as Tami took over the mic for Garbage's Push It chest track, and then proceeded to toss out the final break in a back and hamstrings routine that - by popular vote - needed a just a bit more juice.

If hoots and hollars are any indication, we've got a new class favorite with Scissor Sisters' Take Your Mama, the deeper meaning of which was explored in our last post. Not to be outdone, Pump It earned high marks as one of the most intense bicep workouts in recent history. It's certainly the fastest by far: At a harrowing 3:45, this song packs as many reps as any other release's 4+ minute bicep track. Thankfully we kept the cry towels handy.

As our BodyPump 57 review mentioned, one of the great things about the 50-series release is the continual evolution of the workout routine - and that's plainly evident to even the most casual observer with the shoulder track's Triple Pulse Side Raises and the Double Pulse Dynamic Lunges. "Miss Abs" Tami topped the workout off with Pussycat Dolls' Don't Cha, and I (reluctantly) wound the party down with Regressa A Mi - the Italian version of Toni Braxton's Unbreak My Heart hit from the 90's.

By the way, we need to point out that ours was an "unofficial" launch - our GFM was kind enough to let us pull 57 out a day early since I had to be out of town during the club's main launch days. That was quite a favor, and one we truly appreciate!
Photographers: Kerri Hill and Laurie Travis
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On 18 April, 2006, Blogger pipera said...

Awesome pictures mate.

I am amazed when I come here and read what you guys say.

Bodypump 57 rocks.

In 4 weeks we have Bodypump 58 :)


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