The Deeper Meaning of "Take Your Mama"
This morning, Tami and I were bumping along through our usual morning routine when she popped an intriguing question. It was about my song of the morning - the one I'm either humming, singing, or whistling incessantly - which happened to be 57's tricep song Take Your Mama. "So what does that song mean, anyway?" she asked.
We're gonna take your mama out all night
Yeah we'll show her what it's all about
We'll get her jacked up on some cheap champagne
We'll let the good times all roll out
Recognizing a rare opportunity to prove my worth as her closet intellectual husband, I surprised even myself with the speed of my BS generation capabilities. "The meaning of this song" I intoned, "is that there's this guy, and all the girls like him, right? So he gets this girlfriend but then she leaves, and now he's all alone but he wants to go out and have some fun, so he takes his mama out." Tami gave me a sideways look while she turned that over in her mind.
But now your girl's gone a missin'
And your house has got an empty bed
The folks'll wonder 'bout the wedding
They won't listen to a word you said
"So he takes his mother out instead?" she asked. "That's a little strange." By now I'd had time enough to think it through again. "No, actually, his mom is lonely, see? Because her son's popular with the ladies and all. So he gets his boys together and they take her out dancing and stuff. By her some cheap champagne, you know, and show her a good time."
And if the music ain't good, well it's just too bad
We're gonna sing along no matter what
Because the dancers don't mind at the New Orleans
If you tip 'em and they make a cut
Amongst Tami's skills as a wife and lifetime partner is her ability to make me believe - for the moment, at least - that I'm some sort of walking encyclopedia with huge reserves of untapped intellectual prowess that she (and only she) can truly appreciate. It wasn't until later when I listened to the song again that I realized how clueless I really am.
We're gonna do it
Take your mama out all night
You can stay up late
'Cause baby you're a full grown man
Yeah, it's just a song. Nothing more, nothing less. Which is precisely why she asked me that question in the first place - to get 30 seconds worth of entertainment out of me before heading off to work. I feel so used.
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On 14 April, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you are looking for the "deeper" meaning of the song, then I was under the impression that it was a song about a man realizing he was gay and finally telling his mother. Think about that and check it out again...
It's a struggle
Livin' like a good boy oughta
In the summer
Watchin' all the girls pass by
When your mama
Heard the way that you'd been talking
I tried to tell you
That all she'd wanna do is cry

Anyway, I agree that it is an awesome song and I love singing along while I'm working the chest track. Just thought you might like another pumper's opinion on the matter. I enjoy your blog- read it all the time!!

On 14 April, 2006, Blogger Craig Warman said...

Oh man I think you may be right - check this link out and scroll down to the "Customer Comments" section. Like I said, I'm clueless...

On 14 April, 2006, Blogger The Otrain said...

Craig, I just think its funny reading stories about you and Tami. I just hope that when I find my future wife, she'll have the same love for the gym like I do.

On 16 April, 2006, Blogger Niki said...

This subject is cracking me up! I love that song too, but never really thought about what it might be makes sense though now. When I hit the triceps tomorrow I will be listening with a different ear, but enjoying the track just the same!

Thanks for the smile on this cloudy, overcast Easter day!


On 17 April, 2006, Blogger Tim said...

Craig, women can be so cruel.....

On 17 April, 2006, Blogger Craig Warman said...

Yeah but I still like 'em (or one in particular, at least)!

On 17 April, 2006, Blogger Tami W. said...

women - cruel? I think not! I was only asking a reasonable question regarding the meaning of a song! I would comment further but my comments seem to get me in trouble so I shall remain silent on this one. : )

To my hubby - it's a good thing you corrected your comment above or maybe I would have to be cruel...and I know you hate the smiley faces but this ones for you!
; )

On 17 April, 2006, Anonymous Laurie Travis said...

Very cute, Tami. But what she isn't telling the non-local readers is that she showed up to the gym not so long ago wearing a t-shirt with a classified ad titled "husband for sale." She was telling him to lift bigger weights today -- I'm thinking she's beefing him up a bit before she sells him.

On 18 April, 2006, Blogger Tami W. said...

oh yeah..the t-shirt. Well, I haven't had any nibbles but then again the asking price is pretty high. Somewhere in the neighboorhood of a bzillion dollars. Beefing him up? Thats for my benefit...!

On 11 September, 2017, Blogger Leslie blanchard said...

You're hilarious. I love this song, but mostly I love a great writer!


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