Finally, 57 Arrives
It's been a long time coming - too long, in fact - but it's finally here. We'll post our review shortly!
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On 16 March, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope your enjoying the new release.

Couldn't add the comment at Pipera's blog
What's the point of a spoiler site-->
Future Tracklists
As of release 58, the tracklist for that release will only be available when the workshops around the world have been completed.

This means when all 1/4's have been completed.

They will be placed here only then.

Seems that someone has been told not to do this anymore :-)

On 16 March, 2006, Anonymous georgena blair said...

Tami - on rude instructors -- I did the quarterly in san Francisco last Sept - only to learn the next one was 4 miles down the street in Lorton,VA! I was so appalled with teh bad behaviour, I left! went back to do the BP class later since that is the only LM i teach at this time. Your blog is very articualte - hope someone "up there" reads it! Georgena in ALexandria VA

On 16 March, 2006, Blogger pipera said...

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