Baltimore Quarterly (updated with pics!)
I know your all anxious to find out how this weekend went, and since Craig is busy at his real job - I will have to fill you in. (actually he is still duct taped in the back of the van...)

As promised - we made only ONE bathroom stop. Plus - a GIRL mapped out the route on how to get there and Craig had his doubts - but we made it in less time than if we would have taken the route he thought was best. (I'm grinning wildly here).

So we arrived safely and at 7am Saturday morning we were all decked out in our New Town Fitness t-shirts and headed for the Towson College rec center. It was huge! Great place to hold a 1/4ly. Lots of floor space, big cycling room, and plenty of bathrooms (although we did run out of tp pretty quick). No food on site, only drink machines. We all brought loads of energy food items so that was not a problem. And besides - time in between classes were pretty short and not alot of time to eat anyway - that is if you took all the classes!

The first class was Body Attack, which we all liked (except Craig!) but don't think we will ever get it at our gym. Kylie (from Flow/Jam) taught along with two others. Then you could do RPM or take BodyCombat, Craig and I did RPM along with a few otheres from our group. Steve R. (can't think of his last name...sorry!) the guy from Pump taught that along with Anthony. All the girls kept talking about how hot Steve was - except me! I behaved! Great class. Can't say anything regarding Combat because I did not take that.

Next - I did BodyFlow. Kylie was fantastic! And the new stuff is great too. I loved how they spent about 45 minutes before each class giving instruction on the new moves. It was very helpful.

After a 30 minute break came Pump training and then the class taught by Steve and Susan, plus two other women. It's hard to say what I think about the music because it was so loud the music sounded distorted. And that being my fourth class I was starting to zone out! It was hard to understand the cues and I couldn't see the stage from where I was at so had to just watch Craig.

I find it interesting that they are now pushing iPod use for our music. There was a time when we were not allowed to download/copy their CD's. I guess thats progress. We do use our iPod all the time, It's great when trying to put a playlist together for Pump and it's all right there. No searching endlessly through CD's!

Unfortunatley I did not get to take Step because my shoulders were not feeling so great so I just watched. It looked pretty good. And Body Jam...well...lets just say I would need a few drinks in me before even attempting it! It did look like fun - but what was more fun was watching others!

So - over all it was a great 1/4ly. It was cool meeting the 'top' trainers and being with all the other instructors who have a passion for fitness. Sadly - there was a downside. I was very disappointed in the behavior of some of the instructors. We ran into several that were very rude. During Body Attack - I left my spot before we were to go down on the floor for abs and when I came back someone placed themselves on my spot! Of course it was very crowded so I had to move off to the side - away from our group I was with. Then I'm trying to watch the instructor in the middle of the room and someone else comes and stands right in front of me. Putting weights away was a frenzy. I stood holding my weights standing in what I thought was a line to put them in the boxes and everyone is just rushing in front of me. I'm not an aggressive person but I did have to say something to the person who did it to me last!

During step - our group got to the front to set up their benches. They were pretty close - or so they thought. Another person came and set up in front of them - so close that her bench was touching the stage! Are these rude instructors the 'Prima Donnas" I hear about? Please - if you are an instructor and attend one of these quarterlys - don't leave your manners behind!! Is this the kind of behavior we want in our classroom? Treat people the way you expect to be treated. I know we get excited about being there, hearing the new music, trying new programs, meeting world famous instructors - but there is no need to loose control! Treat fellow insructors with respect.

I almost forget - we also received CEU's for attending! I believe there are 6 which is great when your a personal trainer and trying to collect CEUs for PT renewal! Not a whole lot of clothing but they did have some. No guy stuff however.

There - I think thats it. I know Craig does a more thorough job but at least you got the basics! Go to the next quarterly - it's worth it!
Photos courtesy of Arlene Harris
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On 08 March, 2006, Anonymous Steve McMahon said...

Hi Tami,

I am glad that you had fun at the quarterly. Your comment about the lack of clothing for men really hit home. I am one of the few male instructors for BodyPump. I teach in San Diego.

I am really disappointed in the selection of BodyPump clothing that is available online for men. There are some selections, but when you choose one, there are usually only small sizes, if any.

I need the XL size because they are made in France and I guess that the men are smaller there.

I just wondered, if anyone has had any luck finding BodyPump shorts and tank tops for men anywhere. Mine are starting to wear out.

Thank you for the great blog!

On 08 March, 2006, Blogger Mark R said...

I buy all my clothing now from the Les Mills New Zealand site. In my opinion, they feature superior styles & quality and regular sizes as opposed the stuff on the US site. They seem to have lots the stuff that instructors have on in the videos. I noticed just recently that the Les Mills USA site has added a link to New Zealand. If you can't find it there, here is the address. The stuff is on the expensive side but their customer service is top notch.

You will definately come away with a sense of the world being a much smaller place! My orders get to Boston, MA area from Auckland in about 3 business days!

Good stuff for women too.

On 08 March, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is the shipping and handling expensive?

On 09 March, 2006, Anonymous cody said...

i was looking at the nz site, and they are out of a lot of the guys sizes there too! i wish they would just get some stuff in stock

On 09 March, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone received their releases yet? Frankly, this is outrageous to wait this long. I also attended the quarterly and seeing the international trainers was great. However, I am certified in 3 programs so for the close to 400.00 I spend a year I do not want any cross over music. I also thought that the new BP and BS releases lack any creativity. It is the same routine over and over. Come on LMI you have a team of people working on this - step out of the box.

On 09 March, 2006, Blogger Tami W. said...

No release here yet....we were told it would be shipped on the 10th and should receive it in 4-6 days. We'll see....

On 09 March, 2006, Anonymous Smuddpie said...

I received mine today 3/9. Finally! I love the sound of pump on a cursory listen-through. Not wild about the lyrics of 1 and 9. LOVE 3. Can't comment on the chorey as I haven't done more than scan, but it didn't look like there was anything unusual.

On 10 March, 2006, Blogger Mark R said...

No releases here either! At this point, I promise to love anything NEW! I could do biceps to Beethoven right now and I wouldn't care! We launched 56 on Dec 3rd and are thinking about the weekend of April 22nd for 57. Thats too long in between.

The NZ shipping has been about $25 USD for 3 or 4 items. If you could get a few instructors to order together, you could split the shipping. Bottom line, I want good clothes that foster a professional appearence (ie. what the guys wear in most videos).

When I have placed NZ orders, they have had my sizes, maybe they are about to stock up with some new stuff.

Hey Tami, did the say anything about who is going to run the Bodypump show going forward? Has Mike McSweeney turned into "the instructor who must not be named!"

On 10 March, 2006, Blogger Tami W. said...

Nothing at all was mentioned about Mike. Craig did speak with Susan Tolji (spelling?) and I believe she said they would just rotate instructors. I'll have him post something about it later.

On 12 March, 2006, Anonymous Lee said...

Greetings from sunny Arizona!! My comment is not in response to this topic but I wasn't sure where to post this. The Valley of the Sun JCC in Scottsdale, AZ just added BODYPUMP to our schedule. I taught in Minneapolis, MN and worked on management for the past 8 months to bring Pump to the JCC!! If you have friends or family in the Phoenix area please let them know we are the only licensed facility in the area. We are officially launching 57 in April. Most facilities in Scottsdale are heavy on the mind-body programming and I'm hoping we'll take the lead on offering a full menu of programming. Thanks for any help on getting the word out!!

Lee Milne
Group Fitness Director
Valley of the Sun JCC
Scottsdale, AZ

On 12 March, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was really dissapointed with the male rolemodel for the training team in Baltimore. I found Steve to be all about himself, there were lots of smiles and winks but I think he fancied who he was and not what he was presenting, he could have been teaching to a mirror. Susan and Kylie on the other were so approachable and friendly and exuded professionalism and passion for what they do and to whom they do. they were fantastic

On 13 March, 2006, Blogger Tami W. said...

I'm sorry you felt that way. I personally did not notice anything about him in that way. I did not get a chance to speak to him so it would be unfair of me to comment. I do know that a couple of members of our group had an encounter with a female instructor that left them feeling hurt. She said some rude things - maybe she didn't mean it that way but thats how is was taken.

Thanks for your comment!

On 13 March, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting....tell us more.....

On 13 March, 2006, Blogger Tami W. said...

Again - I don't think she meant anything by it. Just came across that way. I would not like to say anything more because I heard this second hand. I was not present so I just assume keep my thoughts to mytself! I know sometimes in the past I have come across the wrong way and did not mean anything by it. It's all what you read into it. : )


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