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Recently we have had several e-mails from Body Pump enthusiasts wanting to buy DVDs and/or CDs. These are available only if you are an instructor! We put alot of time, effort and money to become an instructor and to stay certified - it would be all in vain if anyone could purchase the releases. Besides - the best part about Body Pump is coming to the gym - being in a class with other members, motivating one another and just plain having fun! You can't do that in your living room! So please - no more requests for DVDs!

On to my next topic - Being a substitute instructor

I have been teaching the noon spot on Mon and Fri (used to do Wed too) for about three years. Craig joined me about 2 years ago. I have come to know the regulars very well. One member married Craig and I, I've had some to our home for our annual Christmas party, and even go to church with some. We are like family - you know - the warm and fuzzy feeling? Well, yesterday I subbed for someone else and I have done so in the past - but it hit me that I am very partial to my own class! This class was ok - just not alot of spunk. I tried to get them going but most were straight faced. My thinking is that they are like that because they dread having a sub! I did have a fea folks come up to me after class and said is was great but I just sensed they were tolerating me! Anyone else ever feel that way? Of course for me - I hate having to have someone sub my class! I'm very territorial! A while back our GFC wanted me to change time slots and I told them absolutley not! These were my friends! I could never give them up! Anyway - I would love to hear your thoughts.

Our classes have been really packed these past two weeks. At almost every Body Pump time slot we are having to turn people away! It's been great! But alas - I fear it will fade soon!

Survivor is coming to audition potential participants in our little town of Blacksburg! We're getting famous! Last month the TV show Exteme Home Makeover came and redid someones home! It was great!

Gotta run - keep pumpin'!
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On 25 January, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, my club went with "Group Power" after the LMI/BTS split. The closest BP class is approximately 70 miles from me now. I have actually purchased some of the music I've heard in body pump. It's not that hard to find as the track listings are available on the internet. Although I know they can't be distributed, I'd still love to get videos of those BP workouts. 47 was one of my more recent favorites. GP just isn't as exciting to me.

On 25 January, 2006, Anonymous Jco said...

I sub often, and have run across those quiet, serious participants. It really depends upon the group and the time slot and the regular instructor.

I don't think the class dreads having a sub so much as they get used to a certain style and tone, but once they get past the change they can get quite a bit out of the work out and have a good time too.

That having been said, I hate getting a sub. I know the other instructors at my club are great, but I still feel like I'm letting my groups down when I'm not there. And, myself too, since I HATE missing a workout. I am so addicted. heh

On 01 February, 2006, Blogger Richard said...

The instructors at the gym I go to are not scheduled for a specific day and/or time. Their schedules change every few weeks and the class schedules change every few months, so it's always a surprise who (of the six BP instructors) will be in front of the class.

It's fine with me (as a quite 'regular' attendant), but I do have my favourite instructors for BP class. One gets used to a certain instruction style and a different instructor just feels, well, different. Not necessarily better or worse, just different. Besides, some instructors are better at following the beat of the music than others. Personally, I just hate it getting a class from an instructors who doesn't move exactly to the beat, but it seems I'm one of the very few who are actually bothered by this. So I'm always trying to find out who'll be giving BP class a few days in advance and try to adjust my training schedule to that. Fortunately, this approach usually works.

On 01 February, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow...BP instructors should have a firm grasp on the beat of the music. After all, BP is all about resistance and rhythm meeting together. That is what makes BODYPUMP so awesome.

On 20 February, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about subs and subbing. I hate to have to get a sub, so when I do, I make sure it is someone whose class I would take myself. I will not use someone that I am not also inspired by or is not on the beat, etc. I guess in one sense, it makes your people appreciate you more when you come back if they get a bum instructor, but I am very fond of "my people" and want them to get the best class they can even when I am not there.

It is also difficult when you sub someone else's class and the crowd is quiet and unresponsive. I try not to take this personally, and just give them exactly what I give my "regulars". I figure whether it's me or someone else, they are REALLY there for a great workout, but it ultimately comes down to them and what they put into the class, so hopefully I motivate them to bring out their best, even if they don't know me.

Someone else mentioned already about staying on beat.......that is so big to me too. It drives me crazy when an instructor cannot keep with the rythem or beat. It's all musically driven, and if you aren't on track with the music, it's not the same. TIMING, TIMING, TIMING!!

On 29 August, 2007, Anonymous Michael Lomker said...

I date an instructor so I have access to the DVDs. I think the instruction on form would be useful to new students as well as to those who are timing-impaired. I think that motivation/avoiding boredom is the prime reason to attend the classes.

I'd also like to comment to the instructors that dislike silent classes. Not everyone is an extrovert and introverts probably think you are silly with all of the shouting and 'performance opportunities. Aerobics instructors tend to be a certain personality type but don't assume that your quiet students aren't benefiting from your work.


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