The Amazing pre-Pigout Workout
Before I explain what the "pre pigout workout" is - let me say I've missed writing in our blog! Craig keeps me soooo busy cooking, cleaning, etc. I just haven't had time!! ; )

So - let me explain. Our GFM came up with a fabulous idea of doing a two hour workout on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It consisted of the following: The first 5 songs were from Body Combat, then Craig and I did squats, chest, and back & hamstings from Pump, that was followed by 5 songs from Body Step, then, Craig and I were back for Triceps, biceps, lunges & shoulders. It wrapped up with Body Flow Abs, Twists, and Forward bends. It was fabulous! We had a sign-up sheet the week before and it filled up so quick we had to have a waiting list! And yes - we did get prior approval from Les Mills before actually announcing this endeavor. It was such a huge success that some wanted us to do it every month! We do plan on continuing our new tradition before holidays so we will probably do it again before Christmas. It was a great way to burn about 1000 calories right before the Thanksgiving feast! We even had Craig doing Body Step - and he liked it!

As Craig mentioned - we attended the quarterly in Lorton and it was really nice to be able to chat face to face with some of the instructors. At the Supers - that was pretty hard to do. I'm not into the glitz and glamour of major productions. I think smaller venues allow you to get to know the 'major' instructors better. They were all very approachable, friendly, helpful, and just plain down to earth.

My favorite thing about the quarterly was taking the RPM class - something I was never able to do at the Supers because they were always filled up. Craig and I both loved it. The music selection was awesome and the hour passed quickly. We are both hoping to get our club to allow us to bring RPM's in.

Till next time....Tami
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On 02 December, 2005, Anonymous Linda said...


I passed this along to our GFM with a note that we should try it at our club. Her one question was how y'all did the transitions between Pump and Step. My assumption was that folks just put weights away and then got them out again, but that does seem rather awkward. How did it work?

Linda (a Les Mills groupie and Flow instructor)

On 03 December, 2005, Blogger Tami W. said...

After the first round of Pump - we just put the weights off to the side. It actually went very smoothly and no one minded the extra effort. After the second rounf of Pump - all weights were put away for the Flow part. It gives folks a chance to recover a bit too!



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