The Launching of 55
We finally launched Body Pump 55 this past Tuesday and Wednesday. Let me fill you in a bit on how we do it at our club in October. We usually launch on Halloween but this year had to do it a week early. The best part is we have to dress up! I though last years outfits wera great - I was dressed as a Groom, and my willing husband was the blushing bride! Complete with wedding dress, veil, garter and flowers! It was a little hard for him to do squats...and chest presses...and...well - just about everything was hard since his dress was a bit too tight! The class loved it too but I had to promise to never make him wear a dress again.
This year we were inspired by our trip to Vegas this past summer. The 'older' folks tend to have a certain look about them. So Craig had to wear some very loud, red plaid, high water pants, white shirt - half untucked, gold chains, a hat that was too small and he waltzed in carrying a cocktail glass complete with cherries and some coffee in the bottom to give it that 'real' look! It was fabulous! I was his side kick. Satin leopard capri pants, black lacy top, frizzed hair, slot machine card around my neck with lots of extra necklaces, gold shoes, bucket with coins....and oh yes - the big belly that kept sliding downward with each upright row! It was hard for anyone to keep a straight face! We did take one photo so maybe Craig can post it somewhere so you can get a good laugh!
I thought the music went over pretty well. As I expected - some did not like the squat music. I still don't. And I felt alot didn't like the tricep song only because of all the tricep dips at the end. In each of the two classes Craig and I launched in - about 60 - 75% did not finish the dips! The bicep song has really grown on me, but I think when you hear it for the first time, like me, it just doesn't hit you. Our whole family has been chanting "world - my finger is on the button"!!!! Craig will get into more of the details of our launch.
We will miss teaching our class for the next week since we will be in Biloxi, Mississippi helping familys to get their homes rebuilt after the devastating hurricanes. We understand they need lots of help - any volunteers? I wonder if there is a BP class in Biloxi...

push the button.

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On 28 October, 2005, Anonymous kitsyb said...

Not sure if there is BP in Biloxi but 1 hour away in Mobile, AL we have BP at Core Fitness (formery Cory Everson's Fitness for Women) and World's Gym

On 02 November, 2005, Anonymous Elizabeth said...

Tami and Craig, I need your help!

I am putting together a BP challenge for my BODY PUMP instructor team and I cannot remember what all the challenge from my intial training involved. I know there were stations but of doing what?? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks guys for a great Blog!


On 03 November, 2005, Blogger bodypumpinstructor said...

Ooh, I remember some things from my instructor challenge at module 2! I remember the chest press challenge...double your usual weight and take turns doing 3 sets of 20! And pushups - same thing. There was a relay-type exercise. You ran the length of your fitness room, jumped rope for 30 seconds, ran back, did 20 jumping jacks, ran the length again and switched off. 3 sets again. And then we ran on the ellipical trainer or treadmill for 20 minutes. As I recall, there were 5 stations. Those were the ones that I remember, though. Hope it helps!

On 03 November, 2005, Anonymous Elizabeth said...

Hey Thanks bodypumpinstructor!

On 06 November, 2005, Blogger pipera said...

Love Bodypump 55 an awesome release.

On 06 November, 2005, Blogger Tami W. said...

Elizabeth - If you look in your instructor manual - it will give you the format for the instructor challenge. If you do not have it let me know and I will e-mail it to you.

On 14 November, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BP 55 got launched here in Manila Philippines during the week of halloween. the launch instructors went "top-less gothic" (the male presentors, though) with face paint and all. i was dressed in red and black with matching devil horns to go with my exercise wear.

eh? squats are no good? i beg to differ! IMHO, it is the best track in the release in terms of music and choreography. i find BP 55 to be a "noisy" release akin to BP 43 which was full of rock music like "enter sandman" and "ready to go" but it's all good. as for the BP 50+ releases, my favorites are BP 50, 52, and 54 thus far.

manila, philippines

On 14 November, 2005, Blogger Craig Warman said...

Good stuff Marvin thank you! Sounds like you guys in the Philippines had a great time with it!!


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