BodyPump 57 Filming Date Set
>>> Updated 3/21/06:
>>> We now have BodyPump 57 in our hot little hands!
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Our friends at Kia Kaha have announced that the filming date for BodyPump 57 has been set for 7 November 2005 7:10pm in Studio One at the main Les Mills club in Auckland, New Zealand. Perhaps you will consider joining them - and if so, their announcement includes an email link for your RSVP!

By the way, here's Susan Tolj's first-hand account from the recently-completed BodyPump 56 filming...
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On 29 September, 2005, Blogger pipera said...

Can get over there for $350.00 return and accomidation. Looks like a end of the year filming :)

Bring on November :)


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