Taking Our Site To The Next Level
Although we've explored many facets of BodyPump music, releases, techniques, and other fitness-related topics on this site, two things have become increasingly clear to us. First, we've barely scratched the surface. And second, even if we did cover everything, nobody would have enough time to read it all!

You may've heard about Podcasting. The cool thing about Podcasts is that you can listen with practically any portable audio player, anywhere (our link to Apple iTunes notwithstanding!). Obviously that makes it an extremely efficient medium over which to communicate ideas, because you can go so much more in-depth in such a short period of time. Plus you're no longer teathered to a computer (unless you want to be, of course!).

So we're taking this site to the next level. Right now we're hard at work, converting many of our most popular posts into Podcasts - and adding additional thoughts and ideas along the way based on your feedback. We'll still post everything as text, just like always. But for those of you who like your news on-the-go, we hope you'll plan on taking us along!
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