Exercise on vacation??

We have had a request to write something about exercising while on vacation. Many say, "I'm staying at a hotel that doesn't have a gym, so I can't workout". Oh really? Lets just see if there is anything you could do....

No treadmills? No stairclimbers? No elipticals? Do you own a pair of sneakers? Bring them! Go jogging, walking, running, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, etc. What? You forgot your sneakers? How about jumping jacks, jumping rope with an imaginary rope, running in place. Do you know how to kick box? Practice your punches and kicks. The possibilities are endless!

And how about strength training? For upper body there are pushups for chest, back and shoulders. Try dips using a chair. Grab your suitcase and do some bicep curls. Sometimes I will take a bag and load it up! You could also use it to do front raises, lateral raises, upright rows... use your imagination! For lower body try squats, lunges, walking lunges, plies, calf raises, dead-lifts holding that heavy bag you used for biceps, etc. You can always do ab work - place your feet on a chair for some crunches. Bring your CD player and do a BodyPump ab song.

If you still need help, there is a book out called Fitness for Travelers - The Ultimate Workout Guide for the Road. I haven't read it but it looked pretty good.

Resistance bands are a great piece of equipment to bring that will easily pack into your suitcase. They come in different resistance strengths and you can buy them almost anywhere. Aqua Bells are great too. They come deflated and you just fill them with water. Here is a website where you can find these items.

If you happen to teach Body Flow/Balance, bring your CD's and practice! That's what I did while we were out West! It is a bit hard though when you don't have a Yoga mat, but I have found the neatest thing - they are called Yoga Paws. They are like a sock with the toe cut out made of a yoga mat type material to keep you from slipping on the floor. If you don't know how to do yoga, at least do some stretching - just remember to warm up about 5 minutes before stretching.

If anyone out there has any tips - please pass them on! No need to become a slouch just because we are on vacation! Now we have NO excuses! : ) Stay healthy!

Tami W.
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On 13 July, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy,
I know you mentioned you teach BodyFlow...I am taking the training next month and I am just wondering what to expect etc. How do they compare to the BodyPump training? I don't have a whole lot of mind body experience, so this is going to be a tad bit out of my comfort zone:) Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

On 13 July, 2005, Blogger Tami W. said...

Before teaching Flow, I too did not have a 'yoga' backround. I had taken some classes but thats about it. The training was not as physically demanding as Pump was, but I think, for me anyway, that it required more concentration about what your doing. Not that BP is a mindless exercise by no means, but with Flow, you really have to concentrate on the poses your doing and make sure you feel it so you can express to your class how it is supposed to feel. The trainers make the moves seem so graceful, and for me, who has always been involved in just weight training, that was, and still is, tough.
A great book to help is one by Baron Baptiste called Journey into Power. Alot of the flow trainers have taken his classes - including Jackie. I also have a couple of his videos but I like the book best. It really goes through and explains each move, how to get to that position, alignment, modifications and even spiritual focus.
I hope that helps some. Enjoy your training and let me know what you think!



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