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I decided to let Craig have a break from writing, and besides, I wanted to expess my thoughts - and get yours - on some of my pet peeves in class.

The first one happens while Craig or I are teaching the track - trying to cue and give info on proper technique. What bugs me is when during this time, people are talking, loudly, and not paying any attention to what we are saying. It is not only disruptive to us - but to the entire class as well. I know we, and I speak for all instructors, work very hard at trying to deliver a safe, quality class and it's rude when people feel the need to engage in a conversation instead of paying attention to their form.

Another area is in between tracks. Two things come into play here. One, is the talking and not paying attention to our verbal instructions. I realize most have heard it over and over again, but they need to be respectful of others who are here for the first time and want to get the most out of their first experience. Second is right after the track when we stretch. Most don't stretch - they are too busy changing weights.

Next, is when we finish with triceps - most will start putting away their benches. Then they start with putting up some weights. I understand that some have to get back to work, but what usually ends up happening is they miss important instruction cues, and sometimes the first few seconds of the song.

The next is this - when we do instruct proper technique, and sometimes this has been done on an individual basis after class, some will still do it wrong. For example, we can say till we're blue in the face, when doing clean and presses, NO reverse curls, bring the bar straight up your body. And if your have to jerk the weight to get it up, then you need to come down on your weight. We still have participants who will jerk it up in a reverse curl! Not only does this look sloppy, but it is unsafe. (I'll have Craig do a post on proper form for Back & Hamstrings)

Last, is when people leave after abs and don't stay for the cooldown. This is just as important as the rest of the routine or else they wouldn't have it in there. Your muscles need to stretch after working out so there will be less soreness.

If you are a class participant reading this blog, and you do some of the above, we ask that you respect your intructors and your fellow classmates. Your insructors work hard for you training and learning how to execute safe, proper moves. Have fun in class! But get all you can out of it!

Instuctors, is there something that bugs you? Share it!

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On 22 July, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's that up there...? Guess you're removing it soon...


It seems like there are things that are the same all around the world. Meaning, here in Finland too. Bodypump is my favorite hobby and I've been doing for like a year or so. I get really irretated by people who are talking or have too big weighs and do the technique wrong. Also putting the weights away before cool-down makes me mad. So I understand, it's not irretating for instructors only but for us other people there, we are paying for the class and don't want some idiots to ruin the pleasure. I hope instructors take their job seriously and talk about these things during the class, cause I really don't know any other way to stop those jerks. I don't want to go and say straight to someone's face anything, but maybe they would listen to instructors...

On 22 July, 2005, Blogger Tami W. said...

I have deleted the 'ad'. Hope they don't do that again!

Thanks so much for your comment. As instructors, speaking for myself at least, I'm always afraid of offending someone, or hurting their feelings. But you are right - serious participants are paying for a good class. If you want to carry on a conversation, go work out in the gym - don't distract others. I have at times forgotten where I was while teaching a track because 2 people were talking so loudly to each other I couldn't concentrate on what I was doing!

Maybe 'we' need to start speaking up.

Thanks again.


On 23 July, 2005, Blogger pipera said...

Hi Tami,

It happens at 1/4's as well. Instructors talking while ed sessions are on. Talking in meditation while we do the masterclass in Bodybalance and generally make noise while we are listening to the Master Trainers delivering the education sessions.

On 25 July, 2005, Anonymous dietgirl said...

ooooh great post. there are these two girls in my class who i want to slap every time. they sit there chatting on their steps when the warm up starts and casually get up and decided to join in about 30 seconds into it.

THEN they chat DURING the songs! yapping away through the abs track. the class is a basketball court so it is hard enough to hear the instructors as it is. We have people who leave before cool down OR abs. what's the point of paying for the class if you're going to miss two tracks?

i feel really bad for the instructors who are not paid very much for begin with and i know how much work you all put it in to prepare.

(and don't get me started on folk who do too high weights for biceps and just swing the bar around coz it's too heavy... hehe)

On 26 July, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a participant and an instructor. I don't mind if people talk in between tracks, as long as the newbies can hear. I often chat with folks in between, this makes it more fun to work out. It isn't only about the body, it is about the mind and spirt, getting to know your classmates and enjoying conversation (appropriately) is fun!

On 27 July, 2005, Blogger Tami W. said...

I don't mind the in between chatting either - it's just during the track when the 'chatting' gets so loud everyone is listening to the conversation rather than the cueing.
I know when I take step - I want to focus on my feet - not about what my neighbor is having for dinner!

And regarding the 1/4's - I'm just not sure why some people do that. I've been to Christian assemblies before where some are not only talking while a prayer is being said - but answering cell phones! I think a little respect would be nice!

And yes, Dietgirl, don't get me started on 'the too high weights' either! Thats a whole other blog that I will leave to my darling husband!


On 07 August, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my class. I do have the people that put their weights away. I will say, "hurry back, I'm starting". And, I do. For the most part, they do hurry back. I typically don't have "chatters", because I teach an extra early class, so there isn't too much to talk about that early in the morning! During the cool down, I only have one person that leaves early, out of a class of thirty, and that is because she tells me she has to get to work. Everyone else stays. One thing that really bothers me, is when we are doing , for an example, hovering. This one man doesn't like to hover, so he just keeps doing these extra fast crunches. I've told him that he would benefit more from hovering. One more thing that bothers me, and it has more to do with instructors. When I sub a class, people are amazed sometimes, that we get out in an hour. Some of the instuctors where I work, take too much time in between tracks, so their class will stretch to an hour and fifteen minutes, or more. I think it is a good idea to keep the class moving. If you take too much time in between each track, people are going to chat more, and work at putting away their weights.

On 12 August, 2005, Blogger OCDguy said...

Just come across these postings. Same issues as in LMI forum site from some years ago with Australian feedback.
Fave obsession re timing + technique.
And Tami and Dietgirl, ask those with big wgts+bad tech+high risk injury, would they rather drive an 18-wheeler/Mack truck or a Ferrari/Porsche/Corvette (whatever hi-po sports car rates high in the US of A). Practical and aesthetic issues.

On 12 August, 2005, Blogger OCDguy said...

Just come across these postings. Same issues as in LMI forum site from some years ago with Australian feedback.
Fave obsession re timing + technique.
And Tami and Dietgirl, ask those with big wgts+bad tech+high risk injury, would they rather drive an 18-wheeler/Mack truck or a Ferrari/Porsche/Corvette (whatever hi-po sports car rates high in the US of A). Practical and aesthetic issues.

On 05 September, 2005, Blogger pipera said...

Was at the 1/4 this weekend and I guess that instructors where I am from have no regard for the Master Trainers presenting on stage. The constant talking while the Master Trainers were presenting was a distraction. I asked them to stop talking they continued. Alani had enough and told them off.

Instructors please respect that we have a right to go to a 1/4 and want to hear what is on stage not whats going on in your world or your retail therapy sessions.


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