Bolingo: Journey Into Core Strength
If you've had the pleasure of hitting the mat with La Bouche's Bolingo (BodyPump 48 - Download sample here) you'll swear it's the longest ten minutes of any BodyPump workout - yet, at only 4:36, it's not even the longest ab track (Anastacia's Left Outside Alone from BP 52 takes that honor, at 4:49). What is it about this tune that makes even the most hardcore regulars groan as the first beats of its sultry rhythm emanate from the loudspeakers?

Core strength, that's what. As any student of pilates will tell you (I haven't heard of anyone yet who would dare claim to have mastered pilates, by the way) core strength can only be achieved by targeting the deep - and often neglected - inner core abdominal muscles. Since most BodyPump abdominal routines focus on the outer abdominal muscles, this routine's direct assault on those deeper muscles is a real eye-opener.

It's one of my favorites. I like the way it opens with the super-slow reverse crunches, transitions to some slow 2/2 crunches, and continues alternating between those two motions before the core-strength work begins. There's not a whole lot of fast maneuvering going on here, as compared with the ab routines of the last three BodyPump releases - just deep, methodical, focused work. I like that.

If it's been awhile since this track was played in your class - or, if you're a new attendee and haven't had the pleasure/pain (your choice) - then I highly recommend requesting it from the instructor. It'll be the longest ten minutes of your class...
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On 31 July, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that ab track from BP 48 and I will often use it, but i do have to say, now that we are teaching Group Power, they don't call it the ab track anymore, it is called core, and in Summer 05 "rich girl", I gotta say, if done right, it''s a killer and all Pilates.


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