Revised view of Body Pump 54......
When my darling husband wanted us to watch the new DVD and write a review - I said ok. However, we watched the DVD on a plane headed for Vegas - on his laptop. Not a good combo to try to assess the new release! However, in the car as we we're driving to Bryce Canyon, Utah, I played it - and it sounded great! Of course my favorites are still the warm-up and shoulders - but I thought they were all powerful, and fun! Can't wait to do them with weights!
I want to say too what a difference BP & BF have made in our life. We just finished a 4 day - 3 night backpacking adventure in Zion National Park. We covered about 36 miles in that time. Our second day was a 13 mile stretch! But we did it and feel great! Also - the benefits of BF have been tremendous. I was actually doing Flow in our room last night - don't want to get out of practice! Yes - even on vacation we find time to get our excercise in!
The new Body Flow 29 is a great release as well. I have been listening to the music every chance I get. Was able to do the first part of the routine before we left for vacation, and although I felt the moves were less complex, I felt it was tough. I also like the new way of having Jackie teach the entire class. Oh yes - and I love the fact that we can now use the printed notes for relaxation. I actually did that for this last release and found that after the third or fourth time - I did not need them anymore! Thanks Jackie for the change!
The reason why I have time to write all this while on vacation is because Craig is napping. Guess I'm wearing him out?! ; )

Thanks for reading! Hope everyone is having a great summer!
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On 15 June, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Tami and Craig, I really enjoy coming to your blog...thanks for all the fun tips and advice. Question...I have been teaching Pump for less than a year (have been a participant for quite some time though) and I am wondering if you guys have any ideas on weight recommendations and how to know when it's time to go up in weight. I feel like I have been doing the same weight for the longest time with the tracks--but I have no desire to go up because I still feel challenged. But...if I don't go up, I won't get stronger! Help! :)
Thanks guys...

On 15 June, 2005, Blogger Steve McMahon said...

You should go up and down on your weights. I recommend this to my classes all the time. You want to keep the body guessing and you can't continue to go up forever. Your body will get very used to a weight and you will stop getting results. Go way down on a track one time and then up the next time. Mix it up. The weight should always be enough for a challenge, and every once in a while enough to go to failure at the end of the track.

On 15 June, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve--thanks, interesting perspective. So do you go up and down in the same week? Or do you mix it up when the new release comes out?

On 15 June, 2005, Blogger pipera said...

Bodypump is based on the principles of resistance training and periodisation. You should slowly increase weights to a level that you can handle. Chopping and changing weights IMO would not lead to hypertrophy occuring.

On 22 June, 2005, Blogger Tami W. said...

Dear Anon re: going up in weight,

You have had some great feedback from others regarding going up in weight. My stategy is this - I strength train extra. Usually on the same days I do bodypump - I will lift with more weight but less reps. This has helped me. Body Pump is more endurance, which is why I like to do extra to gain the strength.

I try to keep my weights the same when I teach unless I know it is an extremely difficult song, or I'm not feeling to swell - then I will come down. There are some tracks where it's almost impossible to go up in weights, eg. the rear delts in the shoulder track. I have been at the medium plate ever since I started only because the large plate is too much to hold up with my thumb. For overhead, I usually stay with a medium and two small, especiall when doing alot of front raise / upright row combo's.

I have been teaching for about three years, before that I was working out with weights for a long time so I think I had a good foundation to start.

Keep at it though - you'll be great!



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