How We Learn New Releases

Tami has developed a system for learning new releases that really works well for us. Here's what we do:

Music - From the moment we receive the CD, every chance she gets we're playing that release. In the car, in the kitchen, on the computer at work. Wherever, whenever, it becomes the background music of our lives for a good solid month. You'd think it would grate on your nerves that way, but actually it doesn't. And here's the reason we do it - after hearing a release fifty or so times, every nuance of that music is burned into your memory. (By the way, if you have kids it'll drive them nuts - we see it as a sort of a sweet "parental revenge")

Choreography - After the first watch of the video, we generally don't look at it again for 2-3 weeks. But then, when we're ready, we watch each track together and write down the choreography. Tami transcribes hers primarily from the book onto an erasable board, while I do mine primarly from the video into a text document on my laptop. Either way, we're both writing the choreography down in some form or another, and that's the key to this step.

Practice - About a week or two before the launch (which for our club is typically 6-8 weeks after the release comes out) we individually practice our tracks using our handwritten notes and the iPod. And, finally, we run through the routine together several times using weighted bars and dumbells.

By the time the launch rolls around, we're ready to rock. One thing, though - it always sounds different over the club's sound system than at home - so if you have the opportunity to play it there first that's always a help!
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On 23 June, 2005, Blogger pipera said...

Mine is less complicated.

1. Attend the Masterclass (have to.)

2. Listen to the Mastertrainers and see whats going on with the release.

3. Up until release 53 I have never watched a Video for the releases. I just followed the choreography notes.

4. Now I watch the Video, then pick up the choreography and marry it to the music and generally do this all the time. I learn the lyrics of the song to the endth degree and know where every beat and count is.

5. Practice Time put what was learned into practice. Usually makes a number of mistakes. At the end of the track. Note these on the notes for each track.

6. Listen to the song again then understand where I made the mistake then do the track again.

7. Three dry runs and then its on with the show. I pretty much have the choreogrpahy embeded in my head and never forget it going back to BP 21 :)

I can literally pick any BP CD or Tape and do it right there on the spot without revisting the choreogrpahy :)

Thats how I learn it :)

On 25 June, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time is cramped...busy lives...I know, it may not be ethical, but I take the DVD and record the audio to CD. Listen to it over and over, while driving and doing a "driving version" of the exercise along my commute. I hardly look at the notes, except to confirm some stuff. Hey, it works!


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