Lunges' House of Pain!
To my way of thinking, "Set You Free" (BodyPump 42) is hands-down one of the most challenging lunge songs. Our collection goes back to release #37, and there's been nothing quite like it - before or since. First, it starts off with some slow (4/4, 3/1) reps, followed by a set of two staggers, and a final half-down, half-up rep. A short pause, and then the fun begins - a full set of singles and four (count 'em!) rounds of pulses. A set of staggers rounds it out... and then it's on to the other leg. This is one of the few times in life I actually catch myself wishing I had only one leg.
Poll: What's your favorite way to do lunges?
Bar in front (no weight)
Bar on my shoulders
Foot against the wall
Other (add a comment!)
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On 25 May, 2005, Blogger pipera said...

Have to admit something here. I don't use weights while doing Lunges in BODYPUMP™. I use my own body weight strict form and discipline currently. I will go back to weights next month and work my way up. Reason being I needed to correct a few issues I had with my lunges, So no weights made me work on technique. Now it is back to where it was in 1999 and now can work on the weight gains and build back up to 30 kgs in lunges.

On 25 May, 2005, Blogger IBMocha said...

Ditto #42 lunge track!!!!! It's short, but I need a fire extinghisher when I do them. I tell my people that it is the hardest! Master 42 and everything else is a cakewalk!

On 28 May, 2005, Anonymous Tanda said...

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