Form Friday
We have this little thing we do every now and again called "Form Friday" - While Tami teaches, I go around the room and help folks with their form. Then, while I'm teaching, Tami does the same. The way we see it, everyone who participates in a BodyPump class is there to achieve certain personal goals. Some want to lose weight, others want to gain strength or tone up, and some just want to feel better. The important thing to realize is that everyone has a reason for coming to class, and striving for excellent form is the best way we know to help achieve those goals.

Everyone knows that the plastic BodyPump weights are pretty light compared with what you find in the typical weight room. The gains you achieve in a BodyPump class clearly come from something other than slinging around heavy weights - and that something is called form. When you nail the form, you'll isolate the muscles that need to be targeted by each routine. That's where the results are - and how goals get achieved.

We find that many folks have too much weight on their bar to execute every repetition of every track with proper form. If you've been participating in BodyPump for awhile now and haven't seen the results you expected, we'd like to suggest that you give form a second thought. Consider dropping your weights a bit, and really focus on making your execution match that of the instructor(s). And don't forget to use the mirrors around the exercise room - they're there to help you see the way you actually execute each motion!
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