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Craig writes: We received the new BodyPump 53 DVD and CD in the mail this weekend. I really like this release. Maybe not as much as 51 or 47 (those were pretty hard to beat) but it's very listenable. Tami and I both had trouble swallowing 52 at first because of all the techno-style music - but it played really well on the floor. That's one of the tough things about the music - often times the things you think you won't like play really well on the floor, while the good stuff sometimes just falls flat. Shoulder songs are a good example of that: "War Machine" BP 52, "We Will Survive" BP 43, and "B-Boys & Flygirls" BP 37 - I really wouldn't enjoy listening to any of those on my stereo, but put a set of weights in motion with them and they rock. Yet a chest song like Van Halen's "Jump" BP 39 never seems to spark much interest. Funny how that works.

So I fired up iTunes and loaded up the music. We have everything organized by both release and track - each release gets its own playlist, then each track (warm-up, squats, chest, etc) also has a playlist. Makes it easier to put together a mix that way.

By the way, BTS had sent an email a couple months back saying they were going to copy protect their CDs. Whatever happened with that eh? Either the copy protection is pretty lame or the instructor community gave them an earful. Personally I don't think they have much to worry about - we pay a pretty good price for these CDs, there's no way we're going to start distributing them for free anyway!
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On 10 May, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

IMHO, BP 52 is one of my favorite releases. Yes, most of the songs have a techo orientation--which I like since I regularly go clubbing. In effect, everytime I attend a BP 52 class, it was like exercising and being at the dance floor (sans strobe lights and liquor though) at the same time! Another thing, BP 52 has 2 songs that are "operatic": the chest ("Phantom of the Opera" techno mix by Harajuku) and cooldown ("Vedi Maria" by E. Shapplin). These two tracks have earned my favor again since I listen to classical/opera pieces as well. My favorite among the different tracks is the squat track, "Overload" by Voodoo and Serano, which dislodged my all-time favorite squat track, "Make Yo Body Pump" (BP 45?) by Dix. In terms of choreography, "Make Yo Body Pump" still rocks though over "Overload"--which has 2 rest intervals making it less challenging vis-a-vis "Make Yo Body Pump". The tricep track of BP 52 has a cool choreography with the different combinations executed in tricep extensions and tricep push-ups. It could have been better if the tricep choreography had tricep presses though but I guess it is fine as it is. The choreography for the abs track, "Left Outside Alone" by Anastacia is IMHO relatively simple. My all-time favorite was Jamelia's "Superstar" of BP 51 until Usher's "Yeah!" of BP 53 came along though. One last thing: I just love the choreography for shoulders ("War Machine") especially when you lift the plates (2x3) sideways to the beat of the drums in the middle of the track.

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